Insurance Fraud




Forthis assignment,I will use National Associations of Insurance Commission as the stateinsurance commission. According to their website the body has notprovided any information regarding insurance fraud that seems to betaking place day by day in the insurances companies (NationalAssociation of Insurance Commissioners, 2016).

Manyindividuals disregardthe impact of insurance fraud. Nonetheless, as a way to protectcitizens from insurance fraud, several states in the country havecome up with measures that helpto curb these uncalled activities. For instance in South Carolina,the state has implemented a new program that aids in this initiative.Through this, citizens are in a positionto pay low premiums to their house rents together with otherexpenses: the program is called The “South Carolina Hotline.”Through the conjunction of the Professional Insurance Agents of SouthCarolina, “South Carolina Attorney General’s Division” together with “South Carolina Insurance Service,”they have come up with Hotline that is functional 24hours of the clock. As a result, citizens once they spot any personwho has committed whichever form of insurance fraud, to call “SouthCarolina Hotline” at no cost whatsoever.Furthermore, the caller has not reveal individual identity (SouthCarolina Attorney General, 2016).

Thetwo common types of insurance fraud include: when one fails to givethe exact number of miles driven according to the auto policy. Onemay decide to under report the miles or fail to report altogether.Secondly, it is when one gives higher figures or overvaluesthe exact number of goods stolen in the house or place of work (SouthCarolina Attorney General, 2016).

Onehas to care when insurance fraud is taking place because the fraudaffects the total amount one pays for auto, health together with theprices of services and goods(South Carolina Attorney General, 2016).


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