Internal and External Stakeholders

Internaland External Stakeholders

Internaland External Stakeholders

Internalstakeholders are peoplecommittedto the provision of services to an organization as volunteers,staff’s donors or board members. External stakeholders, on theother hand, are people impacted by the work of an organization, andthat is community partners, clients, and constituents. In thecriminal justice sector, we can see how these sections have provedhelpful in helping with the upholding of law and order. Internalstakeholders in our case involve the judge, witnesses, lawyers andofficers holding the peace in the courtroom. Their primary goal is toensure judgment is passed in the most open way that can beacknowledged as well as have security maintained during the wholeprocess. The court ought to give out verdict with correspondence tothe type of crime done and therefore leaving different groups ofpeople satisfied with the judgment. The accused is then set free orleft to serve the time because of the offense he committed. Externalstakeholders in our case are individuals who are directly orindirectly affected by the decisions caused by internal stakeholdersto uphold the law. Normally we have the relatives of the accused,clients and associates. Their usual form of operation will seem tochange and therefore leaving them to adjust to the new environment(Brainard,et al 2015).

Thesetwo types of stakeholders influence the daily lives in both positiveand negative ways. The process is through the personal decisions theymake all in the effort of reaching the desired goals. Differentinternal stakeholders have different ways through which they affectthe whole process positively or negatively. The process will involve:


Thisis an important stakeholder in the criminal justice department sincehe or she is the overall determinant of the running imposed on theaccused. This person has positive influence because he putslawbreakers in correctional facilities and therefore helps them inconversion to the right members of the society. They also assist inensuring justice or compensation is provided to one who was justwronged and therefore making it easy for forgiveness to prevail.However, there are some instances where these judges influence thewhole situation in a negative way. Since we have some judges that dotake bribes and let different cases unsolved or let criminals walkscot free, we can see how that brings negative impact to the setcourse. Entrusting all that power to the hands of a judge, therefore,dawns down to influencing the whole situation negatively.


Theseare important stakeholders that are important when a courthearingiscoming up. Each and every case heard in the courtroom needs strongsupport from witnesses to help convince the judge into rolling caseto your favor and therefore regarding it as an important factor thatpositively influences the judgment process.

Thosepeople affected and not directly participating in the hearing can bereferred to as external stakeholder. Their ability to cooperatewhenever questions shows are asked will determine whether they willprove beneficial or influencing the whole process negatively (Meijeret al. 2013).

Ina case where l have a problem that needs to be solved, l willconsider some different characters contain on a particularstakeholders have before l seek help from them. If l am to take ajudge l will have to look for the well-known and qualified intackling different types of cases. His or her ability to be easilyswayed or threatened will be a determining my decision on workingwith the individual. When picking out a lawyer l will go for anindividual with high win rates and transparency in the away hecarries out his work. I will not fall for anything that will need meto provide the cash so as to get a favor l have already paid for.Going into the courtroom l will also ensure l have a faithful witnessthat does not contradict himself or make up stories so as to have theupper hand in the case. Those close to me and offering the externalstakeholders will also be a major factor and l will ask them inadvance if they knew anything about the case to increases the chancesof winning the cases. Convincing these individuals towards stickingto my solution I the next issues of focused since that will leavethem focused on the main task ahead which will be winning the case. Iwill be honest with them and pay the lawyer well enough to helpimprove the value of the services offered. I will gather as muchevidence as l can to assist the judge in the judgment process.

Inconclusion, it can be seen how internal and external stakeholderswill prove beneficial in the determination of various solution in thecriminal justice and the correction field. The relationship betweenthe two types of environment and how they lead to the expected goalsis also an important factor discussed. Through proper determinationpositively or negatively internal and external stakeholder mayinfluence the overall solution of the place will help in thedecision-making process and therefore success (Cuganesanet al 2012).


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