Interview Questions




Duringmy internship period, I was the youngest staff member. A relativelysenior man (the supervisor) was in charge of the administrativedepartment he was very experienced, and the majority of the staffapproached him whenever they were unable to fulfill a particulartask. His attitude toward me was not very pleasant. Later, I came torealize that he thought that I was too young to handle the tasks thathad been assigned to me. I decided to conduct myself professionallyand make a good impression whenever I could. After a few days, thesupervisor began changing his attitude toward me, and, eventually,acknowledged me as part of the team.


Duringmy summer holiday, I worked at my father`s hardware store. In mostcases, I did not have to work very hard to satisfy customer needsbecause the majority of the buyers were aware of what they wanted.However, I met a client who was not sure about the quality of theproduct that he was looking for. I decided to show him variations ofthe product, acquainted him with the upsides and downsides of each,and the price versus the overall service value of the product. Afterexplaining everything, the client was very pleased since he was ableto make the right choice.


Aftercompleting my university education, I decided to become anentrepreneur. I started a children-wear boutique. At first, the storedid relatively well. I was able to turn a profit and purchase moreproducts. However, after a short period, the owner of the storeraised the rent. Consequently, I could not pay the rent and turn aprofit at the same time thus, I decided to shut the business down.I, later, decided to save enough money to stock the venture so that Icould be able to handle the lease even if it went up. I implementedmy decision and started another business which flourished.


Beforecompleting my college education, I got an employment opportunity thatI could not overlook. I decided to work and pursue my educationsimultaneously. To ensure that I catered to both duties diligently, Ideveloped a list of the next day`s activities before going to bedevery day. The process seemed simple, but it helped me to become veryefficient with my time.


Duringmy internship, I was requested to present a proposal that wouldenable the organization to enhance its level of efficiency. Projectpresentation was a relatively new experience for me, so I decided topractice, watch video tutorials, and read content that was related tothe proposal. On the day of the presentation, I executed everythingthat I had learned. All the staff members applauded after I completedmy presentation.


Oneof my course units required us (the students) to work in groups. Thegroup that I was attached to was fairly big, so some of the studentscould fail to attend meetings and not be noticed. In one meeting, Isuggested that we should always fill a register of the members thatattended to prevent laxity in the group.


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