Interview Report



Introductionand the unit’s mission

Themeeting focused on the administrative OF UNA, and the respondent wasAssociate Vice President of Enrollment Management unit. The interviewwas carried out face to face because of the following reasons: tohelp me keep focus. Second, face to face has fewer destructions.Third, proper screening. Lastly, it is possible to record nonverbalcues. Using phones or online interview could not record the rawbehaviors and emotions of my respondent.

Ina nutshell, it was a great honor and privilege to go head to headwith the Associate Vice President in a bid to understand more on theunit he oversees in the University. Kindly note that Prof. James is aGod-fearing man and was brought up from a humble family. But throughhis educational efforts along with prayers he has risen throughseveral ranks and outsmarted his odds in life. As such, most of hisresponses were very professional and adhered to the code of ethics.In sum, the Associate Vice President is exceptionally bright hecomes across as a motivational speaker, and also looks poised tofinish the duties he sets for himself within the specified period.What follows is more information regarding our talk.

Forthe purpose of clarity and dire need to understand and get theinterview up and to run, we couldn’t commence from anywhere elsebefore bringing to light the mission of the department. To determinethe unit’s direction in the institution and remain focused towardsa particular course and also shape strategy for the group, theEnrollment Management division will be vital in strives to admit,train, retain and graduate steadfast leaders who will be productiveto the nation of Alabama. More so, graduates who will turn out andbecome very responsible worldwide citizens. He added that, withactive efforts to underpin the University’s mission, the unit aimstowards availing resources that will aid students in attaining theirsuccess by giving them excellent programs along with quality servicesoffering.

Asa further way to make it possible for to me to understand theobligations of this unit in the University, The Associate VicePresident outlined some of the duties carried out by this division inthe University.

Thesector plays an oversight role in various departments.For instanceOffice of Admission that is obligated to facilitate the admission ofnew students in the university, student financial department that istasked to keep all financial records and transactions done bystudents, for instance, paying fees, registrar, and lastly theUniversity Success Center staff. The Vice President made it clearthat the unit’s central and supreme objective and goal in theUniversity is to admit a diverse student’s pool and also permithighly qualify candidates to become more successful at UNA.

Secondly,the unit provides financial assistance to students to help thempursue their studies comfortably. Also, the process of identifyingthe scholars who candidly deserve the financial support iscompetitive and on fair grounds with every student having theopportunity to apply.

Third,to train students on the importance and drawbacks of the pasttraditional knowledge, time management, and also the unit trainsstudents on the social skills. It is worth noting that, the AssociateVice President adjoined that students get equipped with the mentionedbasics during their first-year encounter in the University. To givemore prove of the benefits of the unit in the University, he addedthat, the unit provides advice to their students to enable them toremain on the right track up until they graduate.

Lastly,he expounded on the roles of the Registrar department which forms theconsortium of this unit. The man of rare virtues said that Registraroversees the students through accomplishment, continues throughcommencement, and gives once again extensive auditing as it directlyworks together with their original programs and majors. Through this,students are also helped to remain on track more so mark theirgraduation ceremony within a span of four to six years.

Challengesfaced by the unit

Severalinstitutions all over the world, dedicate most of their time andservices near to improving the humanity and society as a whole. Inthis College, there is significant interest and vision ofenlightening the community and equipping them with relevant knowledgeand skills. Hence these speaks for the demands of communities.

TheUniversity is a unique institution in Alabama that puts more devotiontowards higher learning education among students. According to theVice President, their endeavors and efforts are established throughthe quality of graduates they produce as an institution- it is atthis point the novelty of this body comes in. The school has existedfor nearly five years, and different units including the EnrolmentManagement have their share own of impediments during the process ofdisseminating and implementing their various projects in theorganization as said by the Associate Vice President. Some of thesebarriers have been mainly because of the presence of differentchallenges that the department goes through day by day. The reportgives clarification of these difficulties.

Firstly,it should act as a reminder to everyone that technology is vital tothe current society that ultimately it makes work easier for thestaff in different units and helps to cut little paperwork. Lest Iforget, in such institutions of higher learning technology isindispensable as a tool for teaching. Not only in this University butother institutions have technological challenges as well. TheAssociate Vice President informed me that using technology resourcesthey have daily is their greatest challenge. It is the organization’santicipation that the available technological support put I use tothe maximum.

Secondly,communication is a challenge in the Enrolment unit at UNA.Communication authorizes sharing of ideas in organizations among thestaff and other stakeholders hence leading to efficient productionand quality service delivery. The Vice President enlightened me that,communication within the department he leads is a problem. To showhow gravies the matter is, he added that the problem is not onlywithin the department but communication in the entire campus vicinitywas a challenge.

Third,during the interview, the dilemma of service delivery emerged as oneof the challenges. The pressure of delivering quality service causesnon-comfort to the staff in the department. It comes about by thefact that this unit constitutes the backbone of the entire Universitycommunity.

Onthe contrary to the above, the vice president gives the message ofhope and determination. He says that although challenges come alongthe way, how one solves and overcomes them is what defines a leader.

Wherethey receive support to resolve the challenges

Inresponse to this question, the Associate Vice President showed hiswillingness to share information and his quality of being ready tolearn from others. Feel people have the ability to learn from others.But this is it not the case at this institution of higher learning.The body gets its support from their friends, partners, and otherUniversities in the country. To be more categorical, the VicePresident mentioned Universities like Webster University andJacksonville State. He says that it is paramount to be close to otherUniversities where you are periodically consulting them for any help.Also, the Vice President adds that through his supervisors also hecan run the constituent swiftly.


Forsure, I can reiterate that interviewing The Vice President of thisinstitution was an endless pleasure that words cannot tell at allcost. I admire the zeal and hard work of my interviewee. Hisenthusiasm for life and optimism is none compared. During thisinterview, I learned a lot which I believe it can be imperative formy future life after accomplishing my studies at the University.

Thefirst thing that got into my mind during this interview is as aleader in any institution it is essential to have personal skillswhen interacting with your staff. These skills enable leaders andother working staff to relate well with those around them henceunderstanding their needs. Good relation enhances willingness toshare knowledge. For instance, the Vice President is in a position toconsult his supervisors on various steps and decision making in theorganization.

Also,as a student, I learned the goodwill for leaders to delicate dutiesto their juniors. No man be an island, and it is through workingtogether that people attain success in their undertakings. The headof this unit has supervisors that he has assigned to different fieldsand departments. Through this, the University has remained the centerof excellence to many especially for those who cannot sustain theiracademics but have the passion of being educated.

Anotherlesson I withdraw from this interview is the ability to becomeresilient in life and the call for duties. Even if challenges comealong, but they should make me stronger. For instance, despite allthe problems the unit goes through, they have never thought ofclosing the doors. Instead, they have solved the problems andsoldered on and sure they are scaling the heights of success andbright future.

Lastly,I learned that a problem shared is problem solved. As an individual,I should not keep problems to myself. Instead, share with my friendsand other people I trust and also they have undergone the samechallenges I may be going through, but they are over them. Forinstance, when the university has problems, they consult otherUniversity to get robust solutions to their contemporarypredicaments.

Inconclusion, that was fun time interviewing the Associate VicePresident. The UNA is obligated to ensure that those in the societyget a quality education. Furthermore. To enable students from poorbackgrounds to pursue their dreams. Through him, I came to understandthe key duties of Enrolment division in UNA. Although the sectioncomes along with various challenges, the future is promising forthem. During the interview, I learned a lot and am looking forward toimplementing the virtues in future life during my career.

Interview Report



Thisreport aims to provide a terse discussion regarding the results of anencounter with a University’s chief academic officer from theenrollment management unit. The meeting addressed the departmentrole, challenges faced, the support and means of averting theidentified constraints, and the opportunities in place to promotestudents’ academic excellence, all of which are vital parameters asmapped by Lunenburg &amp Ornstein (2011).



Accordingto the chief academic officer, the enrollment management unit servesthe offices of admission, student finance, registrar, and theuniversity success center. Specifically, the interviewee quoted therecruitment of qualified learners, assist them financially, andconfer study/social skills and moral codes of conduct to the traineesduring the first year of admission. In tandem with that, Lunenburg &ampOrnstein (2011) argued that for an academic institution to meet theobjective of producing competent trainees, the administration mustadopt a transparent staff recruitment procedure and guide the tutorsand students consistently.


Therespondent admitted that the department faces problems related totechnological inadequacy alongside communication constraints with thehighly diverse group of students and staff. Moreover, the chiefacademic officer acknowledged that the leadership role is demandingbecause one has to ensure success irrespective of the severity of thetwo problems mentioned above. The primary barriers to a successfulteaching programmed as observed by Lunenburg &amp Ornstein (2011)include inappropriate leadership, communication issues related todiverse cultures in the school setting (e.g. racial discrimination),and inadequate experience with new technology.

Supportand Solution Remedies

Therespondent sighted out that besides the career skills acquired duringtraining, he also utilizes national forums to gain new leadershipexperience that would aid in improving the institutional performance.Moreover, the chief academic officer pointed out the need to involvenational stakeholders so as to bolster knowledge-sharing that wouldexpand the trainers’ skills in handling curricula matters. In fact,the assertions by Lunenburg &amp Ornstein (2011) that the discussionmeetings that unite teachers from different backgrounds are decisivein generating first-class tutors echo the respondent’s conclusionconcerning the same topic.

Opportunitiesfor Academic Excellence

Apartfrom the employment of qualified tutors, the chief academic officeralso pointed out that the students benefit from the motivation talksand encouragement offered by the staff, and that will see themthrough academically. In any case, Lunenburg &amp Ornstein (2011)observed that the opportunities for enhancing academic excellence aremulti-faceted, and range from staff motivation, performanceappraisal, employee training and development, teachers’ welfareconsideration, and creating a friendly atmosphere that encourages thestudents to focus on their studies.


Themeeting successfully revealed the roles of the chief academic officerin the enrollment management unit. Additionally, the challenges, thesolutions, and the opportunities for enhancing students’performance were exposed. It is, therefore, a vital resource forexploit by a university administration.


Lunenburg,F. C., &amp Ornstein, A. C. (2011).&nbspEducationaladministration: Concepts and practices.Boston, U.S: Cengage Learning.