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Alexander Lewis is a London based women`s fashion ready-to-wear company. Founded in 2012, Alexander Lewis focuses on knitwear, shirting, feminine tailoring and positive energy at it`s core. Our collection is produced in the UK, mostly in London and our knitwear is nearly all made by hand.The Alexander Lewis Studio is currently offering a Work Placement for a candidate to assist both the Designer and Studio team, with focus on the PR and Social Media endeavors of the company.&nbspThis is an excellent opportunity to gain experience on an in-house team at a fashion brand for those aiming to work in the fashion industry or related field. The candidate must have key organization and time management skills, as well as a proactive spirit and positive attitude. The ability to multi-task and work as part of a team are of great importance.Specific knowledge of Social Media channels, engagement, campaigns and PR related activities including but not limited to, Press Sample trafficking, press clippings, PR prospection would all be beneficial. Planning and execution related to Snap chat, Facebook, internet, Instagram are all part of the role. The role will be for 3-5 days per week, Monday to Friday between 9:30am to 6:00pm. The position is open for an immediate start date. This is an unpaid Student Work Placement role.The company will provide the candidate with a monthly London travel card zones 1-3 and reimburse any further expenses.Application:Apply with a CV and cover letter

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DearMr. Johnson,

Iwas enthusiastic to learn about your ready- wear-company which offersa fashion in women clothes. I have worked as a fashion designer forthree years at Citadel Mall in New York and really have a lot ofexperience in fashion design. I have skills in knitwear, graphicaldesign, fashion, and textile.

Asa fashion designer, I understand the significance of looking smartwhile putting on a company’s clothes and I know how to offerassistance to customers who are interested in my products. I alsohave a superb customer service skills and cooperative with clientswho need help in selecting flattering items. I do try to suggestivelydesign garments which go with an outfit in order to increase tasteand preference for the my company’s products

Ihave previously worked at Dura textile industry and New FashionCompany as salesperson and an assistant manager respectively.Currently am working as an assistant manager at Broad clothingcompany.

Iconsider myself qualified for this particular job and look forward toreceiving your reply as soon as possible for the arrangement of theinterview.