Is Healthcare a Privilege or a Right?

IsHealthcare a Privilege or a Right?


Back in 2008, President Obama announced that healthcare should comeas a right to every citizen. This should be the case because allhuman beings deserve to live a dignified life, despite their statusor salary. While that should be the case, the issue had been reducedto a political one, with conservatives insisting that it should bepurely an individual responsibility. I see this simply as acondemnation of the lower economic class to a life of illness.

President Obama’s statement does not reflect the healthcaresituation in America today. Accessing healthcare proves a nightmarefor many Americans. It has turned out to be a privilege for onlythose who can afford it. Even with increased government spending, itis still hard to receive quality care. The cost of medical care hasescalated rapidly over the years. Health premiums continue to go upat a higher rate than the wages. Americans have to dig deeper intotheir pockets and pay higher for healthcare as compared to othernations. To make matters worse, the quality of care given does notmatch the price of healthcare.

Many Americans are forced to go without health cover due to the highcosts. While the government mandates that emergency sectors in allhospitals should accept all people, even the uninsured, most of themhave been non-complacent. Many employers have also stopped providingfull medical cover for their employees (Opposing Viewpoints OnlineCollection, 2015). The rate of unemployment has been increasing,making healthcare even less affordable to some people. Those onpart-time jobs are not covered by their employers. Clearly,healthcare is turning out to be a privilege for the financially able.The government should roll out a game changing plan for the healthsector.


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