IS Project Management

ISProject Management


ISProject Management

Themanagement of a project requires a committed application of theprerequisite processes, methods, skills, and expertise, which willeventually lead to the attainment of the core aims of the project(Burke, 2013). The current project for the creation of a mobile appwill ensure that students from different sports team and clubs areable to interact and share the exciting nature of the occurringactivities. Of importance is that the students come from differentparts of the world and prefer different clubs and sports teams. Thispaper presents a business case for the company that is tasked withthe creation of the mobile app.

Problemor Opportunity

Thepassion for innovation is the driving force that makes organizationsinvest so much in research and development. One of the ways ofinnovations is through the creation of new technologies as well asmobile apps, which will serve to fill an existing gap. The world hasseen the use of smartphones as the platforms of communication. Assuch, in the view of Wasserman (2010), although many apps for socialinteractions exists, it is critical that an app is created that wouldensure the privacy of the users and that only a limited number ofpeople would be able to use. There is a hole in the market since todate, there is no application that has been created which can onlytarget people in a certain university environment and exclude thosewho are not students.

Analysisof the Situation

Thecurrent situation is that of a university that intends to encouragestudents’ participation in whatever sport they are engaged in. assuch, the app should be designed for the students of the universityonly and as such, proper criteria should be made in establishing thestudents and strangers (Wasserman, 2010). There is a great interestfor this app as no other university has managed to have one. As such,this idea would have merit, as the organization would be the first tocreate the app of such a nature. In any case, after the app is soldto the university, it would be possible for the organization to sellthe idea to any other organization that wishes to have one.


Itis recommendable that that that the app adopts two models. In thisregard, there should be the pay-per-download model as well as thesubscription model. Additionally, the login details should be thename of the students and their registration numbers. According toWasserman (2010), this would ensure that strangers who are notsupposed to use it do not invade the app. additionally it should bedesigned in such a way that only students will be able to download.After the app is created, it will be designed for the university.However, the idea can be sold to other organizations with similarneeds and thereby, a source of profit for the organization.Additionally, being the first organization to come up with this appwould increase the reputation.


Thisrefers to the assessment of whether the app has achieved its coreobjectives. Before it is officially launched, a test study would bedone on ten students who will be use the app for a period of threemonths and establishes its effectiveness. Any inefficiency in the appwould be corrected after this period and the app would then beofficially launched and presented to the university.


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