Jason Bobiak, Period 4

JasonBobiak, Period 4

ShouldAthletes Stand During the National Anthems?

Thedebate on whether an athlete should stand and obey the nationalanthem while being played has been in discussion in recent times. Inthe United States, for instance, the habit of not observing theanthem has spread even to college team players. Those opposing it optto kneel down while others just sit. A clear evidence of this waswhen U.S National Football League quarterback player Colin Kaepernickopted to kneel claiming that he cannot stand for an anthem thatpresents racial oppressions. Also, in his support, three volleyballteam players from West Virginia Institute of Technology knelt downwhen the anthem was being played before a game. Athletes should obeyit at all times provided one belongs to that nation because it is asign of respect for one’s country and those who fought for it.

Theanthem represents thousands of individuals who died in an attempt toprotect the rights of citizens in a country. Thus it should be obeyedirrespective of one’s occupation. The athletes should know thatthey are supposed to stand for those cannot do it anymore and thosewho provided an ultimate sacrifice to ensure freedom for all. Theanthem provides information on the philosophy of the nation. It alsoholds the potential for the future prosperity of the state and henceshould be respected. On the other hand, if the anthem does notrepresent the minority groups in a country, then athletes mayconsider not standing, till some alterations are done. They may do soto represent the neglected citizens. These people also need to feelsome association with the state. There are cases of people facingpolice brutality where else the anthem is claiming that there arepeace and justice in the nation.

Inconclusion, the national anthem should be obeyed, and everyone shouldstand when it is being played. If anyone has issues with the messageit presents to the people, then one should use the correct channelsto address the same. When one sits down during the session, itportrays a lack of loyalty to the other nations, and one should notdo this at all times.