Jason Bobiak


Period 4

If you could vote,who would you vote for and why?

If I could vote, I would vote for Hilary Clinton. First, she hasdedicated her entire life to the service of this country. Forinstance, she was the co-founder of the Arkansas Advocates forChildren and Families. She also worked on the Senator Mondale’sCommittee for migrant workers. This was before she became thecountry’s First Lady a position she held for eight years. She hasalso served as the country Secretary of the State which is one of themost influential positions not only within the country but alsoglobally. It is evident that she has the necessary experience neededfor a person seeking to be the United States President.

Secondly, throughout her political career, she has fought for someamazing causes. As the country’s Secretary of the State, Clintonmade the Global Health Initiative a reality. The aim of thisinitiative is to champion for maternal and infant health. This hasseen the maternal and infant mortality rates plummets significantly.As the First Lady, Clinton championed for the enactment of thechildren Insurance Program. This program caters for the heath care of6 million children across the country. Thus, Clinton hasdemonstrated her dedication in ensuring that health becomesaccessible to the vulnerable groups such as pregnant mothers andchildren.

Besides, she has pledged her support for debt-free public college.Historically, post-secondary education in America has been a reserveof people from the middle and upper classes. The only way studentsfrom the low-income families can complete their post-secondary isthrough government loans. These loans affect the ability of collegegraduates to achieve their life goals since they have to start makingrepayments even if the starting salary in most professions isrelatively low. Besides, the rate of unemployment among graduates issurging every day. This means that the students` loans serve toworsen the situation facing the unemployed graduates. She has pledgedto increase the government allocation for institutions that havehistorically served the minority races. I think that this would be agood initiative to ensure that every U.S citizen has a chance toachieve the American Dream.