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PeterSinger (PS)

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Inthe article, America’sShame,Peter Singer show the different problems experienced in Americansociety. These appear one of the hard times to live in the country,given that, several factors collude to make the activity quiteunbearable (Singer, 2009). People generally spend most of their timeworking as they move fast to meet many of the financial requirementsthat they are supposed to meet. Thepaper highlights initial impression drawn from the article, whichpoints towards understanding the situation of America and the worldat large.

Oneof the issues that comeinto view is the incapacity that exists in the education sector.While it is expected that increased information has the ability toimprove the problem-solving skills of people, the case has failed inthe United States (Singer, 2009). The situation is well evidenced ingrowing poverty rates, that one would expect education to reduce.Education, normally, increases the ability of people to set upbusinesses and industries that are bound to create jobs for people,thereby improving the standards of living in the end.

Thereis also the impression that the exercise of reducing poverty in theworld is more of a moral than a technicalissue. As a result, individuals and entities have the ability toheighten the economic levels of others, thereby, proving them withthe opportunity to afford some of the thingsthat they were not able to in the past (McCann &amp McCloskey,2015). One of the ways could be through employers increasing thewages of their employees. Workers would, as a result, earn enoughmoney to meet primary, secondary and some parts of tertiary needs.

Ialso get the impression that doctors need to dedicate most of theirtime to address the burden of disease that is a huge problem to thecurrent world. As such, they need to come up with a newtreatment regimen that could help cure most of the diseases thatexist today (Satterthwaite, Reid &amp Bass, 2013). The healthprofessionals may achieve success through carrying out properresearch to understand more about the different diseases they comeinto contact with, and ways through which they could mediate them.

Anotherimpression I have is that engineers also have an important part toplay in that they need to pass on the skills they have, especially topeople who are in poor areas. Such an activity will improve thecapability of these people to engage in activities that are of higheconomic value and get good returns in the end (Oni &amp Daniya,2012). They could also use the skills that they would have gained inworking in industries set up. The practice would promote the growthof industries, therefore, contributing to the general growth ofeconomies of their respective countries.

Ialso have the view that that law students need to create a legalregime that would compel the United States not to purchase oil frompeople who are regarded as dictators. In such as case, they shall notpromote the ill actions that are conducted by such rulers (Taylor,2016). The concept adds confirms the assertion that people need tomodify their teaching styles in a way that it is geared towards theeradication of poverty in the end. The process would help bring somelevel of sanity to the world.

Inconclusion, the views posted by Singer are appropriate in showingways through which the UnitedStatescould help improve the lives of its citizens. One of them may includeputting more focus on the provision of skills of people, therebymaking them have capacity to make a living. Personnel involved indifferent professions around the country, such as lawyers andengineers need to put in more effort in a way that would improve theperformance of the country in general.


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