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The Arizona constitution has enacted several laws concerning healthcare. In particular, the issue of abortion has been addressed byspecific decrees. For example, any medication that is administered toinduce an abortion must comply with existing protocols (ArizonaState Legislature, 2016). In fact, guidelines established by theU.S. Food and Drug Administration must be upheld. Women who choose toundergo abortion must be informed of the possibility of reversingsuch medication.

The Department of Health Services (DHS) is obligated to providedifferent kinds of information on its website. For example, DHS mustexplain the efficacy of taking mifepristone without other drugs(Arizona State Legislature, 2016). Pregnant women should knowwhether the latter medication can terminate a pregnancy withoutcausing complications. In many instances, females question theirdesire to undergo abortion. Therefore, the DHS must also advise womenwho reconsider their decision on how to weaken the impact ofmifepristone (Arizona State Legislature, 2016). Such ladiesare customarily required to contact their physicians and henceacquire information concerning the health of their fetuses.

The Arizona Constitution has also regulated the practice of abortionclinics in several ways. For instance, any medication that is used toinduce an abortion must be administered in harmony with the Mifeprexfinal protocol (Arizona State Legislature, 2016). Similarrequirements are imposed on drugs and other substances that causewomen to terminate their pregnancies. In addition, the printing labelprotocol must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.Nonetheless, the DHS was exempted from the rulemaking requirement. Inthis regard, the department could adopt new abortion procedures forone year after the effective date (Arizona State Legislature,2016). Persons and medical organizations were also barred from usinga human fetus or any part of the embryo in either animal or humanresearch (Arizona State Legislature, 2016). Institutions andpractitioners that contravened this decree would have their licensessuspended or revoked altogether.


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