Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Leadershipand Organizational Behavior

Leadershipand Organizational Behavior

Theachievement of the targets of an organization is an enormous taskthat requires the commitment of the necessary resources. Even so,organizations encounter various challenges that negatively affecttheir pathways to success. As such, it is critical that all factorsthat are indispensable in the achievement of objectives areassembled. Additionally, there is need for a clear managementstructure and the deployment of the suitable leadership style thatwill see to it that the objectives are optimally achieved. In thecurrent case for the Fallon Engineering Company, which was awardedthe task of building a mall, a variety of problems and challengesexists in the organizational leadership, which has served to halt theprogress of the project. This paper makes an analysis of the keyissues using the four-frame model of the structural, human resource,political, and symbolic factors that will lead to the view of thechallenges of the organization from different perspectives.



MaxWeber states that the success of the organization is dependent on theproductivity of the employees as well as their morale. However, forthese to be achieved, it is critical that the suitable structure forthe organization is used. Notably, a strict structure contributes toa higher moral than a less strict one. In the current case of FallonEngineering Company, the structure is not the appropriate as thelaissez-faire leadership style has given the employees so much leewaysuch that they do not even report their progress to their managers.Additionally, there are no clearly demarcated duties for each of theemployees as some opine that the changes made by the client hasrendered their responsibilities uncertain.


Thisframe is pegged on the assumption that employees in an organizationwould strive to achieve their own personal goals and those of theorganization. Even so, each employee should be assigned specificduties that will ensure accountability. However, in the current case,there is a confusion on which employee does what. Additionally, eventhe human resources are insufficient for the activities at stake.This makes it a drawback as some of them are being overworked whilesome of the duties and activities are not handled. More importantly,some of the employees do not have the prerequisite skills that willhelp them perform their assigned roles.


Thisrefers to the power of the shareholders as well as how they wouldinfluence the relationship between the employee, their managers, andamongst themselves. In the present scenario, there is politicalinfluence whereby the client keeps changing the design of the projectand hence inconvenience the employees. Additionally, the managementdoes not want to buy the current equipment and machinery, which willaid in the completion of the project.


Thisframe emphasizes on the judgement of the organization based on itsculture of success, appearance, and outcomes. The leaders whomaintain that culture should display these, which will show thepractices of the company. Fallon Engineering Company does not have aculture of success, as everything- from the structural aspects tothose of management, seems to have a problem. Additionally, there isno concern by the senior employees and managers to display anyculture of success as well as competence. The deployment of employeeswho do not have the prerequisite skills is a testament of the lack ofgood organizational culture.

Implicationsof the Analysis

Fromthe analysis of the four frames, it has been established that FallonEngineering Company has various structural, human resource, symbolic,and political challenges that ought to be addressed. In this regard,failure to complete the project comes down to these core challenges.Based on these challenges, various strategies should be deployed. Oneof them is that the leadership style should be changed to a stricterone such as the authoritarian style so that a proper structure ofreporting the progress is made. Additionally, there is need for thetraining of the employees so that they are able to handle theirresponsibilities. More importantly, the structure of the organizationshould be overhauled, as the current one does not bring harmony inthe work environment. There should be put in place a clear managementand power structure for increased accountability and responsibility.

FallonEngineering Company has various problems that are related to the fourframes of structural, human resource, political, and symbolicfactors. The structural processes are efficient while the mode ofleadership deployed is not suitable. Additionally, the humanresources lack the necessary skills to execute theirresponsibilities. Moreover, there is lack of equipment and technologythat is necessary for the completion of the project.


Itis recommendable that proper power structures are put in place sothat each individual has a clearly defined role. Additionally, thestyle of leadership should be changed to the stricter authoritarianone. More importantly, a culture of success should be inculcated tothe employees to redeem the image of the organization.