Leadership Intelligence


Socialintelligence (SI) refers to the ability to make other people workwell with others and relate well with them (Chourasiya &amp Panth,2015). Social intelligence is important in all social settings andespecially in leadership. SI incorporates the different styles ofinteraction as well as the strategies that people use to maximizetheir objectives when dealing with various people. Besides, SI helpspeople to be conscious of their perceptions and the way they react todifferent situations. On the other hand, emotional intelligencerefers to the way an individual manages and identifies his emotions(Chourasiya &amp Panth, 2015). It involves emotional management,awareness, and harnessing of emotions.

IfI would rate my social and emotional intelligence, I would scores 8out of 10 which are excellent. I have rated myself that way because Ibelieve to possess the components of emotional and socialintelligence. I believe that I am an emotionally intelligent personbecause I always pay attention to what I am feeling. In this regard,I have the self-awareness that helps me in identifying moods,feelings, and emotions. As a result, I know how to behave when havinga particular mood, emotions or feelings. Therefore, I am nevercarried away by feelings or emotions. Secondly, I am an emotionallyintelligent person because I am empathetic. Empathy makes meunderstand the feelings of individuals in different domains of lifelike school, home or at work. It helps me to respond appropriately todifferent people who are in various situations such as being upset orfrustrated. Furthermore, I have always regulated my emotions indifferent circumstances. For example, when a colleague provokes me, Iusually think before I act. This has helped in preventing endlessfights that would have otherwise resulted. Finally, I am emotionallyintellect because I have always identified the causes of my emotions.For example, when I am frustrated, I try my level best to make surethat I identify the root of my annoyance. In this case, I am in abetter position to look for a solution to the source of thefrustration.

Also,I am socially intellectual because I possess the artistic, socialskills that help me to relate and have a conversation with differentpeople, especially in a social gathering. This is usually enhanced bymy excellent verbal and communication skills. As a result, I havebeen able to expand my social circle. Besides, I believe that I amsocially intelligent because I have excellent communication skills.In this case, I am a great communicator as well as a good listener.Whenever I engaged in communication with an individual, they comeaway feeling that they had a good conversation with a goodcommunicator. For example, one day I gave a speech at a conference,and after the meeting, some said that I am a good communicator.

Iimprove my social intelligence through social cognition andattunement. Through social cognition, I always try to understand howthe social world works and how to network in a better way inrelationships. As a result, I have been able to expand my socialnetwork and relate better with friends and colleagues. Besides,attunement has helped to be an excellent communicator who listens toother people with reception. In this case, I have been able toincrease my social intelligence rating.


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Panth,M. K., &amp Chourasiya, A. (2015). IntelligenceQuotient, Emotional intelligence, Social intelligence: Its Effect onGender (Boys &amp girls) and Stream (science and art).Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

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