Leadership Leadership




Agood leader possessesoutstanding organizational skills that provide them with anopportunity to plan and ensure the efficientdecision-makingtheprocessof the organization’s goals and objectives (Sinek, 2016). Throughthis, a leader candevelop various strategic systems within the organization that helpsto guide and maintain order and a peaceful coexistence within thegroup.

Inthe video, “how great leaders inspire action” by Simon Sinekopenly states that influentialindividuals within an institution canencouragetheir juniors and those around them mainly through the use ofadequate interpersonal communication skills. A quality verbal andnon-verbalcommunication skill helps to enhance a leader`sunderstanding of the organization`svarious publics since it allows for feedback, thereby increasingthe team`smanagement relationship with its various publics (Sinek, 2016). Thatis in a bid to help retract their steps as well as understand thedifferent issues around them. Through this, great leaders candevelop a clear sense of confidence and respect that helps inenhancing their decision-makingability within the organization. It also helps in encouraging andreassuring the organization publics, thereby leading to a consistentproduction or the teamsdue toits capacity to fosterdiscipline within the organization`spublics.

Accordingto the speaker, great leaders should openly take responsibility andaccountability for the action of a team of people or organization(Sinek, 2016). By doing this, they would be able to create andprovide adequate platforms as well as promote a healthy relationshipand lifestyle within a particular organization. As a result of this,great leaders canuse their position to encourage their teammates to accuratelyand efficientlyachieve the organization`sgoals and objectives through honesty and ethical behavior.


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