Lecturer Homework



Iagree more with Schrank regarding advertisement claim. The claimrepresents the competitive feature of the product that iscommunicated during advertisements. People are significantly affectedby advertisements. Market studies and sales trend indicate that aneffective advert has a dramatic influence on improving sales value(Schrank). The Coca Cola Company has rising sales revenues because ofaggressive advertising. The advert shows a Coca Cola robot thatinfluences people to buy the drinks along the streets(thecoolhunter.net).

Advertisinginfluence highly the purchasing decisions and worldview of thecustomers. Clients are encouraged to buy a commodity by using theparity concept and words (Schrank). People will purchase a product ifit has better features that enhance the satisfaction and utilitylevels. The Coca Cola drinks are superior refreshment because theyare available easily along the streets (thecoolhunter.net).

Icompletely agree that pretending immunity to the influence ofadvertising increases the probability of purchasing highly advertisedproducts. This is because the effects of advertisement can beexperienced with minimal conscious awareness (Schrank). Advertisementimproves the knowledge about the competitive features of a product.People can, therefore, be influenced to purchase a product because ofthe availability of sufficient information.

Advertisingindicates the current cultural perspectives and behaviors highly.Most advertisements describe important aspects of the popularculture. They feature emerging or entertainment issues for example,social media selfies and pictures or videos of celebrities. The CocaCola commercial shows a popular entertainment image of a robot. Therobot is attractive because it has bottles of Coke drinks inside thetransparent fridge (thecoolhunter.net).

Theadvertisements mirror activities and people in the society. Advertdevelopers design advertisements that communicate attractive andentertaining events in the community. During major sporting eventsfor instance, the World Cup and Olympics, advertisers produce images,texts, and videos that feature popular sports personalities andtechnologies. Refreshments are an important part of sporting orsocial events. The Coca Cola advert encourages people to haverefreshments at any time (thecoolhunter.net).

Printmedia advertising is different from television advertising. Print adsare quick and affordable to produce. On simple print ad shows animage of a female model holding a bottle of Coca Cola drink. CocaCola produces hundreds of print adverts on a daily basisinternationally because of the quick and affordable method ofproduction. Television adverts require more production time andsufficient budgetary allocation. The Coca Cola robot video is anexample of a television advert. Coca Cola produces one televisioncommercial after several weeks. The TV adverts require professionalactors and producers who are highly paid.


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