Importanceof Language

Languageis important because it depicts the diversity of the human society.People speak different languages because they belong to differentcultures, races, ethnic groups, religions, income classes, andeducation levels. People who speak different languages cannot engagein effective communication because of limited understanding. Johnexplains the insufficient understanding by “considering theheadache that 6,000 languages can induce in real life” (1). Themodern society enhances international communication througheducation. Students are taught international languages to improvecommunication between people from different cultures andnationalities. These international languages include English, French,and Spanish.

Languageis necessary for enhancing internal and external security of theUnited States. A proper understanding of languages improvescommunication process. Therefore, the American security agencies caneasily collect intelligence from people from diverse socialenvironments. “Not long ago, 33 of the FBI’s 12,000 employeesspoke Arabic” (John 1). The Arabic-speaking FBI officers areimportant in analyzing intelligent information from Arab nations forexample, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

Thetongue is an important human organ because it is used forcommunication purposes. People develop a language with the purpose ofsharing information and experiences. The tongue is consideredstubborn because people cannot be stopped from talking. “I’venever seen anything as strong or as stubborn” (Gloria 53). Humansare social beings therefore, it is impossible to prevent them fromexchanging messages or information. Free speech is protected by thelaws of many countries for example, the United States.

Thediscussion shows how people can realize effective communication. “Howdo you tame a wild tongue, train it to be quite?” (Gloria 53).Language should be used appropriately to enhance informationexchange. In international conferences, it is important tocommunicate using major languages for instance, English and French.If speakers are not fluent in international languages, thentranslators should be provided. In work or education environments,official languages should be used. In the United States, the officiallanguage is American English.


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