Letter to HR Department

Letterto HR Department


55Lexington Ave,

NewYork NY 10010.


HumanResource Department,

BaruchCollege,OneBernard Baruch Way,&nbsp(55 Lexington Ave at 24th St),&nbspNewYork, NY 10010.646-312-1000.


RE:Extra Classes

Iam a prospective student who is hoping to study at your institution.I have always had the desire to explore a business course so that oneday in future I may be able to run my business ventures successfully.However, my dreams are being curtailed by academic problems that I amexperiencing, and I am hopeful that your reputable institution willhelp me in solving them. I did my final exams and had expected tojoin Zicklin Business School soon after. However, my GPA points fellshort of the minimum entry requirements of Zicklin Business School.As such, I would like to request you to allow me to take up an extraPre-Business class to compensate for my GPA deficit.

OnceI complete my classes I hope that the GPA improvement will enable meto join the Zicklin Business School. Since I need to upgrade my GPAthe only way I can do that is by taking up an extra class. I believethat Baruch College is the only solution to my GPA problems. BaruchCollege is regarded as one of the best learning institutions in NewYork. I have heard positive reviews about your school, and I believethat it is the right facility to catapult me to the start of myhigher education ambitions. Furthermore, your college isconveniently located and easily accessible to me. I hope that youwill consider my application and give me a positive feedback.

Ilook forward to hearing from you soon.