The question of whether or not to obtain an insurance cover is commonamongst most professionals, particularly the nurses. The reasons forfailing to get the policy are based on misconceptions such as ‘itis a waste of resources,’ or ‘the employer covers them’. Thepaper seeks to consider the choice of being insured and provide tworeasons to support the decision.

Many nurses believe that is unnecessary to insure one’s nursinglicense. However, I believe that it is essential for one to beinsured. One of the reasons why the licensure is significant isbecause the employer’s insurance cover does not fully cover theemployee. The misconception that the policy provided at the workplaceis sufficient tends to misguide most nurses. In reality, under theagency law, employers can be held liable for the actions of theirstaff (Anselmi, 2012). Hence, they obtain the insurance cover toprotect the institution, which the nurse represents. If theprofessional is found to have acted outside the scope of work or thehospital’s policy and is sued for their actions, the employer’spolicy shall not cover the nurse. Therefore, employees need to obtainpersonal insurance covers to protect them when the institution’sinsurance cannot.

Professional liability coverage is also essential among theprofessional nurses because it allows one to incur minimal costs inthe event the individual is sued for malpractice. For instance, theNurses Service Organization (N. S. O.) provides a nurse with thistype of insurance at $100 per year (Anselmi, 2012). It is consideredaffordable as it protects them from the risk of losing their assets,properties, and savings when one is sued. The notion that getting aninsurance policy is a waste of money tends to misguide nurses becausewhen one is named in a lawsuit, and they lack the cover, they end upspending more money, which one may lack. Hence, the professionalliability coverage is suitable as it enables one to plan for suchunforeseen risks.


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