Life Changing Event that Happened in My Life

LifeChanging Event that Happened in My Life

Frommy experience, alcoholism can both be a mood booster and also alife-destroyer. When drinking becomes habitual, it can quickly takean individual`s life off the usual ways. Strong reactions in thebrain and the body have been attributed to drinking. Unfortunately,this is one of the primary reasons why I used to drink. This habitbegan as a casual evening drinking. I did not even realize how itdeveloped into an addiction. Within a short span of time, it hadtaken control of my physical and psychological wellbeing. Quittingalcohol is a decision that tremendously changed my life. Medicalreports showed that my brain began to heal and my liver rejuvenated.I regained my consciousness. In fact, the positive changes that Irealized in my life were far more than just gulping down the shots.Based on the above underpinning evidence, there is the dire need forindividuals to give up on alcoholism for them to see the positivepart of life.

Quittingalcohol come along with various mental benefits. Undeniably, thebrain chemistry is significantly affected by copious quantities ofalcoholic drinks. Studies have shown that alcohol as a depressantensures that a person’s mind is unstable (Nicholas et al 244). Asan alcoholic, my thoughts, feelings, and actions had been affectedsignificantly. At times, I felt more confident and calm when I had adrink. A feeling that I later came to realize was due to the abilityof alcohol to depress the brain part linked to inhibition. Thisprocess was the primary cause of my reckless behaviors. Signs ofanxiousness and aggressiveness became part of me. I can live abalanced fit life today. I can remain alert for the whole day withouta feeling of being uneasy and inattentive. My brain can now functionfree from the hindrance of the intoxicants. Clarity in the mentalprocesses is also another benefit that I have realized.

Onearea that I felt the impact of giving up on alcohol is weight loss.Studies indicate that when one quits drinking, there is a notabledrop in body fats. There is a possibility of it plummeting from 15%to 10%. My beer bellies also shrunk after I adopted a non-alcoholicway of life. My face became smooth and attractive. There was a rapidchange in my figure and appearance. Clinicians had confirmed thatindeed alcohol had resulted in an increase in my body weight and alsoreduced metabolic processes.

Myskin also changed. As an addict, my skin got dehydrated. It had adelicate texture. A change in lifestyle has enabled the body to takein more vitamins which have increased the cell turnover. This processhas given me a young and healthy skin. My sleeping cycle has neverbeen the same again. My sleep is much better at night. Sometimes, Icould even resort to drinking so as to sleep. It seems I was notdoing myself any favor. Statistics clearly show that alcohol canreduce both the sleep quality and quantity (Nicholas et al 245). Ihave significantly noticed my improved sleeping patterns.

Sexually,my menstrual cycle became normal. Initially, I could experience manymenstrual abnormalities, like amenorrhea and in worse cases I wouldsometimes fail to ovulate. This would leave me worried that I couldbe barren. This is attributed to the fact that alcohol has theability to increase the levels of estrogen in women bodies. Such anincrease, has a high likelihood of altering when a person ovulatethus, changing when she menstruate as well. This, in turn, leads toirregular periods, which are hard to deal with.

Iused to suffer significant setbacks in relationships as an alcoholic.The rift between my friends, family members and me grew daily.Currently, the relationships are growing and healing back to normal.Repairing of the relations that had initially broken is one of theimportant aspects that I have realized. Family members and closefriends are very supportive and chip in at times to help me achievemy goals. Since I can communicate to them frequently and soberly, therelations are both open and honest. Addicts get minimal support frompeople since in most cases they are on the path to self-destruction(Nicholas et al 247). Close relatives are never at peace when one ofthem is about to succumb to drugs. The mood swings and anger whichare part of the impacts of substance abuse that deter healthyrelationships are also absent.

Myproductivity at work increased when I changed my lifestyle. I wake upevery morning without a hangover with vibrant energy to face the day.I can easily meet the deadlines and my contribution to team ideationis also high. The relations within the workplace are also intact andfriendly as I am less vulnerable to the mood swings, depression andanxiety. In fact, I am on the verge of being promoted to become abranch manager in the company. Drinking life was also costly. I usedto borrow and even steal so as to get drinks. I ran into debts, andmy savings became depleted. Currently, I find myself with moresurplus than I expected.

Ina recap, I have witnessed many changes that have assured me thatthere are many reasons to quit taking alcohol. However, one mustadmit that indeed he has a problem as the first move towardsself-improvement. When I gave up drinking, my life took a U-Turnthat I never imagined it could be possible. I am now a reformedperson in fact, I no longer have the desire to take alcoholicdrinks.


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