Literary Analysis





Thetopic under consideration entails the description of the settingregarding the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan, and the aspectssurrounding the intentions and outcomes.

Thesetting of a poem involves the aspects surrounding the background onwhich the story is based. The aspects include both the tangible andthe intangible factors. It may be mistaken that the setting of astory means the location in which it takes place. While this might betrue to some extent, it doesn’t wholly cover the entire meaning ofa poem setting. To mention, a setting reflects on the place, time,culture, background and other aspects, on which a poem is developedon. Setting of a poem sets the mood for the audience and the backdropof the entire story. A poem would be too boring if it were formulatedwithout a setting. For this reason, the place, time and culturecontext are considered while coming up with a story.

Consideringthe “The Raven” poem, the setting has various roles that itplays. The setting in the poem gives an outline of the message beingpassed. In this case, an African woman is used to indicate sympathythat befalls most African women in their quest to make the world abetter place. The setting takes into account the high level of racismin the society. This makes the reader understand better the themebehind the composing of the poem. The setting sets the mood for thereader of the poem. By the incorporation of the racism aspect, thereader is able to identify him or herself with the poem or alienatefrom it (Clugston, 2014). The fact that the poem has reflected theUnited States of America this is a setting that communicates thechallenges that are facing the country. It gets the reader closer tothe theme of racism, as an aspect that has been rampant in the UnitedStates of America. The place of setting is seen to consider thechurch. This is a setting of place that the writer uses to passparticular information about a specific theme. The author mentionsthe church as a place where the characters consider as their placesof worship. The writer uses this kind of a setting to show the kindof hope that exists amidst the numerous challenges that exist in thesociety.

Howis this particular setting integral to the story?

Theparticular setting applied in “The Raven” poem is integralregarding the contributions that it makes towards improving thestory. To start with, the place setting used is integral to the poemin various ways. The inclusion of the church as a place that is Oftenvisited by the characters brings about a mood that there is hopeafter all. The church brings about a lighter mood to the reader thatdespite the challenges being witnessed, there is hope in the end. Theuse of the United States of America as the country in which the “TheRaven” unfolds is integral to the poem (Wassef, et al. 2014). Theuse of an existing country like the USA shows to the reader that thepoem under consideration is very real. The use of the United Statesof America as the place also shows how huge the problem of racism is.This is because the country is a superpower and one that fights toensure the rights of all citizens. The time of the “The Raven”poem setting is also integral to it. Various periods of time havebeen used and shown in the poem. This enables the reader to identifywith the period that he or she is familiar with. The use of varioustime periods in the poem elaborates well the fact that change isreflected in the poem. The infrastructure, such as the welcome tablealso acts as a very integral part of the poem. This is because thesetting enables memorable moments. The use of equipment such as thetable which is symbolic allows the mastering of the poem by thereader. The understanding of the theme is also enhanced and hence thepoem is made easier.

Doesthe protagonist conflict with the setting or have particularinteractions with it?

In“The Raven” by Edgar Allan, the protagonist does conflict withthe environment. In fact, the protagonist doesn’t relate so well tothe setting. The setting shows a society that does not entertain thesuccess of the black people. The setting covers a society that doesnot care about the welfare of those members of the community that donot belong to the majority race. The protagonist comes in and provesthe society wrong. In fact, the poem unfolds that the protagonistdoes what the community do not expect of him. This is just because hecares for Thebedi, who comes from a different race in a way that thesociety does not consider as acceptable.

Howdoes the protagonist’s relationship with the setting connect withhis/her development as a character?

Therelationship that the protagonist has with the setting paves the wayfor him to develop character wise. The setting of the “The Raven”by Edgar Allan shows a community that is not ready to embrace theneed to change and accommodate all types of people in the society. Itshows time in which the black people are seen as slaves and peoplewho are not useful in any way to the society. Anyone who comes in andtries to defend the otherwise is considered as one conspiring againstthe society beliefs.

Pauluscomes in and extends a helping hand to Thebedi, in a big way that thesociety takes it as wrong. The aspect of helping a black man seems tobe against the community will. The sharp difference in the ideologyof the society and the protagonist forms the basis for thedevelopment as a character. The difference brings about a tag of warbetween those who support the oppressive culture and who embracefairness on all individuals (Rizwan, et al. 2014). As the differencearises, the protagonist becomes much visible in the context. As thestory continues, he is able to be identified as a major character,one who fights for a change and transformation in the society.Fighting against the society at a time that racism is considered asthe order of the day makes Paulus become the protagonist of the poem.


Thesetting of a “The Raven” by Edgar Allan has been seen to pave theway for the poem. How well the setting is done determines how wellthe message is driven home in an efficient way. The various forms ofsettings are all essential in the story delivery. Time settingenables the reader to identify the story with the occurrences of aparticular time (Logan, et al. 2014). The use of symbolism createsthe aspect of an interesting poem that has a hidden meaning. Inconclusion, a setting is seen to be a core element of any poemdevelopment. Hence, every author ought to be keen on how he developshis setting to match his poem objectives.


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