Little Palestine in the Bay

LittlePalestine in the Bay

‘HomeAway from Home: LittlePalestine by the Bay’isabout looking at how Palestinian refugees struggle to adjust to lifein foreign countries. ‘Homeaway from home’,talks about financial, cultural and emotional struggle these refugeeshave to go through as they try to adapt to new cultures and at thesame time trying to hold on to memories of their historicalbackground. It is a reflection of the journey the Palestine refugeeshave gone through to shape their lives and realize better livingconditions in the countries abroad.

Inan interview, one Palestinian refugee explains the challenges theyhad to face as immigrants. Despite the challenges, he tries to showhow Palestine immigrants who settled in Bay area in San Franciscohave managed to bridge the distance back home through memories andideas about Palestine (Hanley,48).They feel attached to their families back in their native countrythough they know that the distance of time and space cannot allow fora reunion. These immigrants hope that one-day things will return tonormal and wish to return to their native land.

Apparently,any refugee who fled Palestine lost the right to own any of theproperty they had left and their land given to the Jews as theydiscriminated the Arab community. Most of the immigrants did not havequality educational experience and could not penetrate the corporateworld (Hanley,42).They had to work as blue collar workers. Since most immigrants cameto the U.S with no money, they had to work very hard to succeed.


Palestineimmigrants appreciate the effort made by the U.S to offer equalopportunities and rights. Such rights are not guaranteed in theirmotherland. They are determined to utilize these opportunities tobetter their living standards and change the perspective of theUnited States to the Palestine.


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