Localization in Practice A Tale of Two Delis

Localizationin Practice: A Tale of Two Delis

Localizationin Practice

Localizationis the act of adapting or modifying products or services to matchcultural practices of a given area, market, or domain. It includesensuring that phone numbers, dates, and addresses match the settingof the targeted market therefore, making sure that the products andservices conform to the legal obligations of the particular zone. Thetexts and graphics used, including photos and pictures, should alsobe familiar to the intended clients of the product or servicesoffered. Localization is done to ensure that the consumers oraudience receive goods and services tailored to meet their specificneeds ( Zingerman’s Deli comes right to your door, 2016). Thisstudy will focus on evaluating a set of delicatessens to determinewhether they represent good examples of localization in practice. Oneof the delicatessens is Zingerman, which is located in Ann Arbor,Michigan. The other deli is Katzinger, and it is situated inColumbus, Ohio. The study seeks to analyze whether Katzinger andZingerman are an excellent model of localization or not, usingexamples from their websites.

Zingerman’sDeli is a good example of localization in practice since some of thecustomization principles have been applied on their website. One ofthe rules is to ensure that the currency used to advertise productsor services to a specified or a targeted audience conforms to thelegal tender used in that particular setting. In their website,Zingerman’s delicatessens state that if a customer orders a few hotsandwiches, hand sliced meat and cheese, fine olive oils, tinnedfish, bread, and pastries they will deliver it, provided the clientis within the Ann Arbor neighborhood, for $5.00. Furthermore, ontheir business site, they have also stated that they sell theirsandwich of the month, Mikey B’s Big White House, for $14.99/eachand their plate of the month, Turkey Day Pre-Game Plate, for$15.99/plate ( Zingerman’s Deli comes right to your door, 2016).

Zingermanfood store also follows the localization principle of providing thesetting, address, and their phone number. On their website, they havestated that they are placed on the corner of Detroit Street andKingsley in the historic Kerrytown District, on the north side of AnnArbor, around the corner from the U and M hospital. There is also aphone number on their website, 734-663-3354 (DELI), in case thecustomers need them to deliver their orders within the Ann Arborenvironment. They have also provided an alternative phone contact,1-888-636-8162, for the customers outside the Ann Arbor neighborhood,but they require a delivery of their food from Zingerman. They havealso indicated times when they are opened, both on regular days andduring holidays. On a daily basis, they are open from 7 am to 10 pm,including weekends. Nevertheless, during holidays, they are open from7 am to 4 pm.

Zingermanalso follows one of the localization principles that require productsand services offered to be tailored to the culture of the targetaudience. In their website, they have dishes prepared according tothe thanksgiving holiday in America. They also have a meal, TurkeyDay Pre-Game Plate, and every $1.00 earned from the purchase of thisfood goes to the Food Gatherers. They also have a kids menu thatconsists of food specially prepared for children. Zingerman’sDelicatessens also complies with the legal requirements of the statein which they opearate. Some laws oblige every food handler to ensurethat their diet does not cause any harm or lead to any ailments tothe consumers. In their website, Zingerman Deli state that everycustomer who wants his or her food delivered should also remember tomention whether he/she has any allergies (About us, 2016).

Katzinger,just like Zingerman’s Delicatessen, has applied some of theconcepts of localization. Katzinger, have used photos on theirwebsites to illustrate the type of food a customer would get if theychose to dine with them. They include pictures of the different kindsof sandwiches and a variety of salads. However, unlike Zingerman’sDeli, Katzinger has a specialty in satisfying the need of customersfrom another market. At Katzinger, a consumer can meet his or herneed for Jewish food and delicacies. Their menu consists of Jewishdiets such as, potato latke that goes for $3.25, Noodle Kugel that issold at $2.95, chopped liver for $5.25, marinated or creamed herringfor $6.50 and cheese blintz for $2.95 (Katzinger’s Deli, 2016).

Katzingeralso follows the localization approach of providing details such aslocation, physical address, and phone numbers. On their website, theyhave indicated that they are situated at the 475 South, 3rd Street,Columbus in Ohio. However, the information about their location isnot detailed. Their phone number is (614) 228-3354, in the case theircustomers want to request a delivery. Katzinger Deli is openthroughout the week, but at different time spans, depending on theparticular days. On Monday to Friday, they are open from 10 am to 8pm however, on Saturdays and Sundays, they operate between 9 am tand8 pm (Katzinger’s Deli, 2016).

Inconclusion, both delicatessens have conformed to some of the localityprinciples. One of the common strategies between the two delis is theprovision of information about their telephone numbers, physicaladdress, and their opening as well as closing hours. On theirwebsite, Zingerman further informs the customers to inform them ifthey suffer from any allergies when making orders. The information isessential to ensure that all deliveries are safe and suitable for theclients. Katzinger Deli has delicacies specially prepared for theircustomers who enjoy eating Jewish foods. From the analysis done onthe two delicatessens, both food stores are good examples oflocalization in practice.


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