is an intricate character who mainly reflects peoples’ thirst forauthority or power via radical changes of his own personalityconsequently being one of the minor reasons, it makes this particularcharacter intriguing. In addition, she has different character traitsand responsibilities in the play. First she is loyal and honest. ‘Oworthiest cousin, the sin of my gratitude even now was heavy on me!’(1. i.347). says this when the king cannot afford to repayhim for what he had done for the entire kingdom. He therefore becomesthe most respected warrior since he is honest and loyal.

is vulnerable. He lets other people make decisions for him thusbecoming more incapable to resist how people view him as a loyalsoldier. In the film, sets it right in the middle of the warand holds the enemy facing him however, he hesitates and stares athis soldiers for an okay to kill that enemy. In doing this, he istruly self-conscious by letting his soldiers to make for him decisionwhether to kill the enemy or not. Therefore, becomes human byprotecting his people from their enemies.

is lovely. He loves his wife so much and this can be seen clearly inhis letter to Lady . After their prophecies, he immediatelywrites to Lady to inform her of what they had discussed. Atthis particular point in the play, it is much clear that andLady are really close since in his letter to Lady , herefers to his wife as “My dearest partner of greatness”(Shakespeare 1.5.9) . The datum that he refers to Lady as hispartner reveals to us that he perceives her as an equal. The word‘dearest’ in the letter also shows that is affectionateto his wife and greatly loves her.

Lady is greatly to be blamed for death and destruction that occursin the play. She encourages to kill King Duncan so as toclear the obstacles which could get into the way of the prophecy ofthe third witches. When she recalls the murder of King Duncan, shesays “What, will these hands never be clean” (Shakespeare5.1.37)? Indeed Lady ’s madness really displays that did not know her well as he could think. Lady completelyfalls apart.

is lesser taken as the cause of death and destruction since isinfluenced by his wife to kill the king and destroy the palace. is seen as a good man but behind each and every man exist hisloving wife. It is Lady who takes a greater part in havinginsane moments in the public and seeking for her husband advancementin rank.

Shakespeareuses the word blood prevalently to convey bravery murder, guilt, andevil. In scene one, blood resembles bravery, honor, and victory.’s blood saturates in the sword to portray him as a bravehero after killing the enemy. He gets a name from the peopleincluding King Duncan “Brave ” In scene two, when stabs Duncan, the king in his sleep, blood resembles guilt. says that even the entire ocean could wash his hands clean of bloodfrom his dirty deeds he had committed. He realizes that what he hasdone is wrong and shameful. In scene three, embellishes theking’s wounds, “His silver skin lac’d with his golden blood,and gash’d stabs look’d like a breach nature…” He says thisto drive away thoughts that he murdered the king.

As continues to use the word blood, it brings change to the playsince he now uses it to show social status as a king and also as aliked society member. When the word blood is spoken, it creates agreat dreadful description of majorly the murder of the king whichhelps audience to picture the horrifying murder scene.

Inconclusion, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Itis important promote development in the society when in power ratherthan rescind the society through destruction of property andkillings. Notably people should also get discouraged with killings inorder to cling into power since doing this will later on havenegatives effects on them, like in the case of Lady .


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