Maintaining and improving operations


Maintainingand improving operations


Maintainingand improving operations

Backgroundof TNT Company

Thomasnationwide transformational company was started in 1946 by ThomasKen. The company began its operations in Australia in 1978 and laterextended its services in the UK. Its primary activities were thedelivery of goods and services for various companies. In the early1980s, the company introduced door to door delivery services into themarket. The company later expanded its operations to all the othercontinents. It has continued improving its service delivery throughthe application of the modern technology in its operations (Pol,2012).

Componentsof TNT supply chain

Oneof the TNT’S principal components is its organizational culture.Through the use of “home grown timber” culture, many of TNTemployees have been encouraged continue working for the company. Thisculture motivates different company employees to meet the needs ofthe organization. The employee’s performance is evaluated regularlyand rewarded accordingly. The problem with this component is thatsome of the employees are likely to overwork themselves. Some maytake advantage of the company’s willingness to retain its employeesand start overlooking issues. To curb this kind of problems, TNT hasa set of strict rules and regulations that ensure that employeesremain focused on their goals all the time (Ptak, 2011).

Anotherimportant component is the company’s supply chain organizationalstructure. Its structure increases the speed of delivery of goods andservices. Services delivery to the customers is very direct. One ofthe problems that might arise from this component is that someemployees might start doing their own business using the name of thecompany. To work around this issue, TNT has always ensured there isemployee rotation and thus reducing customer-employee relationship(Pol, 2012).

Thecompany maintains different books of accounts for public viewingsince it’s a public company. A problem might arise from thiscomponent in case the employees decides to manipulate the companyfigures so as to maintain international standards. In dealing withsuch issues, the company keeps on improving their financial systemsto reduce work complexity.

Thecompany has a strong management team in its supply chain that ensuresthe smooth running of the business. It has ensured continued growthin its labor force. The primary challenge with this component is thatsome of the long-term serving employees may get promotions to the topmanagement positions since the outside market offers highly qualifiedpersonnel. To curb this problem, TNT has been providing trainingopportunities to its employees to improve on their skills.

Throughoutits supply chain, TNT has been employing modern technology along withits supply chain. Technology has been deployed to attract a largenumber of customers and increase efficiency in its service delivery.One of the challenges TNT may face is loss of data from theircomputers due to hacking or computer viruses. To curb such problems,TNT has a backup system and a maintained a good security system thatkeeps hackers off.

Thelast components of TNT are the product variation. The company offersa wide variety of goods to its customers. The products are suited forthe various client needs. This component is prone to accidentsespecially in mail delivery whereby some of the email messages mayget lost due to the processing of a vast number of emails. TNT hasmany backups that ensure emails are timely delivered and storedsafely.

Importanceof quality measurement and management within the global context

Companiesemploy quality management’s analyses and management systems toimprove in service and product delivery. Regarding the provision ofservices improvement, quality measurement and administration helps inimproving efficiency on duty and thus resulting in increased customerbase. One of the benefits to an organization is the reduced cost ofproduction. Evaluation of company processes leads to greater qualityand reduction in cost. The increase in quality and reduction in cost,in turn, results in high sales and increase in the number ofcustomers (Pride, 2017). Last but not least, Employing qualitymanagement and measurement places the company at a better competitiveadvantage over its competitors as a result of increased efficiency,quality and customer base.

ERPsystem implementation to help streamline operations and achieveefficiency between operating departments

Enterpriseresources planning will lead to improved efficiency in differentactivities. It will ensure that the various departments in theorganization work collaboratively as a team. Teamwork results inimproved efficiency and increases the flow of information among theagencies. In overall the level of customer satisfaction will beraised. On the management side, supervision and monitoring of alloperations within the organization will improve significantly (Ptak,2011).

Themajor concerns that needs to be addressed

Themajor systems concerns that needs addressing are issues that enhancecommunication efficiency between various TNT departments. Resolvingthese issues will significantly improve the employees’ efficiency.The effectiveness in the delivery of services to the customers willalso be greatly improved (Hill, 2014). Also, the management will needto develop the system that will, in turn, lead to employee’smotivation. It will be highly beneficial in appraising theperformance of theemployees.


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