Management of Heath Care Quality


The definition of the term quality medical health care must beconceptualized and operationalized in a manner that best suits thegeneral notion of the public towards the various health centers andthe services they render to their clients. The word quality cutsacross many factors considering what is to be assessed and delved inthe making of the conclusion that a particular hospital offersquality health care to the patients. The measurement of the qualityof services provided depends on the angle at which the services getlooked at and the degree of satisfaction of the customers. (&quotOBSSRe-Source – Evaluating the Quality of Health Care – 3. DefiningQuality of Care&quot, 2016)

The measures that aid the process of assessing the quality of healthcare rendered to the patients in the health institution are describedby the Donabedian model which categorizes them broadly into process,structure, and outcomes. (DONABEDIAN, 2016)

Measurements of quality health care in a hospital

Efficiency of the hospital

Efficiency regards to the evasion of wasting the many importantfactors that pertain to the promotion of the services offered to thepatients. A hospital must have efficient means to avoid wasting theresources, equipment, ideas and its suppliers` products for it to beconsidered valid by the customers and the patients. Patients love toattend hospitals or health centers that are economical in the waythey handle their materials and equipment as it shows and grants themthe feeling that the hospital is committed to its endeavors and inthe provision of services to the patients.

Thus at the time of emergency the patients are sure to find whateverthey need without any delays that could result from the previouswastage of resources and hamper the process of service delivery tothem.


Security encompasses the amount of exposure to risk the hospital, andits instruments expose its patients to during the treatment period.The equipment used in the hospital and the properties of the hospitalmust be user-friendly to avoid causing harm to both the patients andthe workers at the hospital. Patients are attracted to healthinstitutions that have them at heart and grants them maximumprotection against all the sources of the injuries that did not existbefore. For instance, a hospital with sub-sections for the similarailments would be more preferred than one with the general ward forall types of ailments as some of the diseases are communicable.(&quotQuality Improvement Plan Template&quot, 2016)


Effective regarding the outcome of the services provided to thepatients. Effectivity of a hospital is looked at concerning theresponse by the clients previously attended to by the hospital. Thereare instances that the hospitals need to treat and discharge thepatients without the notion of admitting them to gain more money. Anefficient hospital in the eyes of the patients is one that avoidsoveruse and underuse of its services. (&quotQuality Improvement PlanTemplate&quot, 2016)


Timely in the aspect of reaction time, the amount of time taken torespond to emergencies. The measures put in place by a hospital inresponse to situations such as emergencies to minimize the injuriesor harm caused by time delays is a factor of importance to thepatients. Most people like attending hospitals that have thefacilities such as ambulances for the emergencies and theavailability of emergency doctors and emergency wards at the disposalof the care needing patient. (&quotQuality Improvement PlanTemplate&quot, 2016)

Time is of the essence in the field of health and any time wastedcould lead to the loss of life that’s why patients with emergencyissues prefer hospitals with provisions for their situations.


The health facilities that put patient at the center of theirinterest tend to have many patients than those who do not. Thepurpose of starting up a hospital is usually to cater for the needsof the patients within the power of the services rendered by aHospital. Patient-centered health centers are those that would doanything to ensure that they satisfy the needs of the patient withall their power. There are health institutions where thepractitioners are proud of the knowledge they possess than thequality of services they render, and they would make insulting andheartbreaking comments that terminate the hopes of the patient, ascenario common in public hospitals. (&quotQuality Improvement PlanTemplate&quot, 2016)

Features in health care organizations that can be used to designquality improvement plans

Health Care organizations are centers that champion to reinstate thestandard health of an individual by fighting the illnesses thatcreate the abnormality in the functioning of the body. Theorganizations have a systematic approach to how they render servicesto their clients and what to improve on to ensure the quality oftheir services maintained at the top notch of the goals andobjectives. (Hughes, 2016)

Sunlight Hospital is one that has been in operation for many yearsand has earned the trust of its clients with the quality of servicesit offers to them. The improvement in the quality of the health careprovided by this institution would call for an adjustment in some ofits features and these include:


The sources of the funds for the hospital include the amount of moneycharged for the basic health care needs and laboratory tests as wellas grants from the government and the other organizations thatpartner with the hospitals.

An increase in funding for the hospital by the government is deemedto help the hospital to buy the modern and critical machinery andequipment that will, in the long run, promote the quality and typesof services rendered to the patients. The purchase of moderntechnologically advanced equipment will ease the operations of theservice providers and therefore enhance the saving of lives.

The equipment in Sunlight are getting outdated with time, and theyneed to be maintained in an operational state or get replaced withcurrent ones. Therefore, if funding for the hospital by thegovernment can be increased the hospital will not only continuerendering quality services but also show an improvement in itsservices. (Hughes, 2016)

Decreasing the costs of the essential services

In as much as the hospital requires funds to run its dailyoperations, venturing in incentives that are geared towards cuttingdown on the charges levied on the essential services provided to thecustomers is one of the measures to improve the effectiveness of thepatient care. For instance, the nurses, managers and the physiciansat Sunlight hospital should sit down and agree to lower the chargeslevied on the services in the pathological laboratories andpharmacies to increase the consumer number. Not everybody can affordto pay for the services in these pathological labs and to lower theprices would translate to an increase in the number of patientsattended to by the institution which is a mark of affordable qualityhealth care. The role of a hospital to the community is to staycommitted to the problems of the community and therefore, the morethe patients taken care of, the greater the efficiency whichtranslates to an achieved goal or objective (Hughes, 2016)

Venturing on prevention more than cure

This measure aims at adding more value to the notion that preventionis always better than cure, which is also true in a hypotheticalsituation. If the Physicians and health practitioners at Sunlightinvolved some of their team in activities that are aimed atpreventing the spread of some of the known endemic diseases, on thenational grid of health Care provision, the move would be termed asan improvement regarding the quality of health care services.

The commitment of sunlight towards providing quality health carethrough treatment should not be compromised either, but involvementwith the community serves to boost the organizational relationshipwith the community. Efficient and patient-centered healthinstitutions have strategies for preventing the development of thealready cured ailments, unlike other centers who treat people withthe aim of them visiting the centers soon again.

The implementation of this quality improvement venture is doubleedged. It can be implemented by the substantial involvement of thehealth practitioners from Sunlight, say those on attachment, in thefight against certain diseases through campaigns and immunizations.The second method is through comprehensive quality treatment whichinvolves the issuance of drugs that cure not only the illness butalso prevents future infections.

Leadership and organization

The management and organization of a hospital plays a vital role indetermining the quality of the services offered and even improvingthem. Without a stable leadership, an organization cannot steadilyimprove the quality of services it renders to its consumers. Therestructuring of the direction and leadership roles in Sunlighthospital can help steer the hospital towards the provision ofimproved and quality health care services. The reorganization of thedirectorate of the hospital and forming a committee responsible forthe quality assurance and they report to the board of governors ofthe hospital on the developments and incentives associated with thequality of services provided by the hospital.

The above factors need the collaboration among the variousinstitutions within the hospital and cooperation of the departmentsto make the improvement on the quality of services rendered to thepatients.

For instance, it is upon the committee on quality assurance to taketime in structuring and coming with strategies for ensuring thatquality standards are maintained. The medical practitioners on theother end have to play the role of ensuring they execute theiroperations within the power accorded to them by their field ofspecialization to ensure that quality is maintained and improved.Measuring the quality of health care services provided to thepatients by the hospitals is not an easy venture as it encompassesmany factors. It sometimes depends on the relationship between thehealth provider and the patient which can never be 100% smooth.

The effect of quality of care on the marketability of SunlightHospital

The strategies for improving the quality of care will establish aname for Sunlight hospital and eventually make it dominant in theregion of its situation. The reasons for the improved benefits to thehospital as a result of implementation of the adjustments in qualityof care encompasses the following

Sunlight hospital offers affordable and quality services to itsclients who leave the hospital premises as satisfied individuals withthe notion of coming back or referring their friends to the hospitalhence marketing the hospital. Offering quality and affordableservices are associated with the building of the name for thehospital and its ventures.

The services offered by the hospital are highly reliable according tothe comments of the customers as they depart from the premises ofsunlight hospital.

The observations of the customers already establish a name for thehospital and enhance the fact that offering of quality and reliableservices to the customers adds value to the name of the hospital andpositions it nationally as one of those institutions with thecustomers at the center of their heart.

The improvement of services adorned to the patients by Sunlighthospital day by day will keep on attracting more and more clients andeventually bring the need for expansion of the hospital and openingof other branches across the nation. The opening of other brancheswill create more employment opportunities for the jobless physiciansand therefore cut down on the rates and levels of brain drain. Theplacement of the hospital will be at the top notch by all standards,and it will become a darling to many with regards to servicesprovided, jobs created, objectives achieved and the relevance of thehospital to the community as a whole. Giving back is one of the waysof saying thank you for allowing us to serve you.


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