Mandatory Reporting in California State

MandatoryReporting in California State

MandatoryReporting in California State

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Thediscussion shows the guidelines for mandatory reporting. It isimportant to safeguard the interests of the vulnerable members of thesociety for example, children, women, and elderly individuals.Health professionals are required to engage in mandatory reportingduring medical emergencies for instance, the detection of highlycommunicable or infectious disease such as Ebola. The health carepractitioners are required “toreport to law enforcement any time he or she knows or reasonablysuspects a patient is suffering from any wound or other physicalinjury” (Christopher, 2015, p. 1).

Themandated reporters are required to report any abuse, injury, ormistreatment experienced by any person in the society. Failure toreport negative or harmful issues in the society is a criminaloffense and attracts a fine of $1,000 or six months jail term. TheChild Abuseand Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) was adopted in 1980 (Carthy, 2016,p.1).The law has been reviewed several times. It indicates the procedurefor reporting cases of child abuse. In California, any professionalis required to report abuse of vulnerable members of the society.“Theprimary intent of the reporting law is to protect the child”(Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, 2012, p. 2). Thereare several reportable maltreatments for example, child neglect,emotional abuse, and defilement.

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InCalifornia, various professionals have been given the responsibilityof reporting abuse and communicable diseases (RAINN, 2009, p. 1).These professionals include health practitioners, teachers, socialworkers, security staff, and other respectable members of thesociety. The mandated reporter is expected“to call the Police Department in the city where the incidentoccurred immediately or as soon as is practicable” (StanfordMedicine, 2016, p. 1). Californiastate government has reporting procedure for abuse and communicablediseases. Health care professionals should report injuriesimmediately to the law enforcement officers. “Locallaw enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the location inwhich the injury was sustained” (Ariella, 2016, p. 2).


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