Media and Participation


Mediaand Participation

&nbspMediaand Participation


Thepaper uses autoethnography to describe my consumption and productionof digital media over a two-week period. It goes further to indicatethe impact digital media has had on my daily life as well as how itaffects the interactions that I have with my peers. It also shows thelevel to which my interaction with digital media has changed overtime. The paper also highlights the general impact that digital mediahas had on my social life and the kind of attitude that I showtowards media culture. In the end, the paper points out the generalimportance that digital media plays in our lives, especially giventhat the world experiences a face where there is an expediteddevelopment in information technology, thereby increasing the rate ofaccess of people to information as well as the general ease ofsharing information with other people. It also contains general viewsthat I have regarding digital media in general.


Iattach high value to digital media especially, given the extent ofthe revolution that it has attained, regarding improving the flow ofinformation among various entities. Quite necessarily, digital mediais essential for enabling people to provide views that they haveregarding a given piece that is shared as well as passing it aroundto other people. It is in such a way that it will reach them in atimely fashion and enable them, either make significant decisions orget entertainment from it (Campbell, 2012). There is also a highlevel of creation of digital media, much as there is almost equalconsumption of it. The case may be linked to the general aspect thatmore people are embracing the use of technology, and as well,literacy levels have gone up with more people developing the need tobenefit from what is transmitted digitally. In this paper, I shallhighlight the degree of consumption and production of digital mediathat I had analyzed in the last two weeks. Also, I will show how thishas had an effect on other people in general.

Iparticipate in digital media culture with others, mainly my friendsand classmates. Notably, we share digital media from different partsof the world and analyze the various types of information sharedthrough such media. One of the factors that push me to engage in thisactivity is my belief that the media offers me an excellentopportunity to grow, given the fact I can learn more about what goesaround both near me and places away from me (Ess, 2013). I alsobelieve that the world is built on ideas, the more an individualgathers views posted by other people, the better such a person willbe placed to make decisions and actions that are bound to be of greatbenefit upon him. I also tend to believe that digital entertainmentis diverse and people need to sample how things are done in otherareas to be in a position to appreciate the effort and talentsshowcased by individuals in such places. In the end, they develop thegeneral ability to see things from different perspectives and aswell, value the extent with which information technology has grown todate. My participation in digital culture has enabled me toappreciate people from different backgrounds as I help to ensure thatI put more value on works done by other people.

Beingmale, I have the ability to participate in digital media culture. Itaccords me the kind of flexibility that is crucial towards thecreation of digital media. I enjoy variety and, therefore, have aneasy liking towards people who get out of their way to put across thevarious abilities that they have through the production of digitalmedia. I am also white and, therefore, would wish to know how thelives of people from other races feel. I hold the view that allindividuals have something that they can offer to the world and,therefore, the more their productions are consumed, the better theywill be at producing more so as to always share their story. Myidentity, however, has its share of limitations regarding sharingdigital media. One aspect that is evident in that it is at times hardto engage with students from other races and get to share digitalmedia that relates to their culture. Although the intentions that Iwould have are usually good, they would seem suspect to those peoplewhom I would engage. As a result, I tend to rely on engaging withpeople with whom I share a cordial relationship so that I may notadvance questionable clues on other people.

Myengagement with digital media has changed over time. At first, achange was not so quick for me as I was used to traditional mediasuch as books, VCR movie and music players. However, with thecontinued use of digital media, I have been able to identify theextent to which digital media has grown over time as well as itsinfluence. I have become quite confident using it, especially, giventhe level of convenience that it offers me (Ess, 2013). It alsoreduces the cumbersome that is associated with traditional mediasources such as books, and as such, I can move with ease while havingdifferent forms of media with me as they are in digital mode. Anotheraspect that is evident as far as my interaction with digital media isthat it has also enabled me to participate in the creation of mediaand having other people get access to my work. For instance, I havetaken part in posting various articles on some blogs, where I get todiscuss different elements that range from fashion to electronics. Ithas, therefore, enabled me to express myself more and as a resultincreases my level of confidence as well as happiness as I feel thatI am resourceful to other people as well.

Ihave also had a chance to engage in feedback process through digitalmedia platforms. For instance, I get to share views that I haveregarding my favorite music artists on their social media platforms.The case is most often, particularly when they release a givenproduction and do require a review of the same. Such a practice makesme quite excited, especially given the fact that I usually feel closeto the artist and interact with him or her on a more personal level.The case is more pronounced, especially, where he provides a reply tothe views that I give out. It also makes me believe that the artistvalues my time and the fact that I am his/her fan. In the end, Idevelop the need to support the person more as well as get theopportunity to look forward to future works that may be done by sucha person.

Onetype of media that I have shared widely with friends and colleaguesis pictures and videos. I believe that they tend to tell a big storymore so about things that people would not know about if not shared.I get most of the media of this type from social media where some ofmy friends could share them with me (Bennett &amp Segerberg, 2013).I usually believe that the more these media are shared, the moreinformative they are on the different elements that are found aroundthe world. Also, it gives them the opportunity to generate viewsregarding various issues that go on around the world. In such a case,they may also get to voice their words, especially in situationswhere it appears that there are wrong actions towards a given groupof people. One of the benefits that I get from sharing music andvideo is getting the satisfaction that I have shared what people needto hear about and as well, sharing exciting items.

Mymedia participation reflects on participatory culture in that I ammore expressive in the way I showcase a given media. For instance,the articles that I write on different blogs are very direct andidentify with situations that people go through around the world, aswell as the kind of experiences that they have in the world. I alsotend to consume digital media in a manner that draws interest in me(Ess, 2013). I`m inclined to believe that there is more that peoplecan gain from the media and, therefore, I gather a lot of digitalmedia material, especially music, videos and images. I also developgood interaction with other people, especially in the case of sharingdigital media in that we have a real exchange of the same. I ensurethat my level of media production and consumption do not overlapthrough writing articles on blogs as well as getting other forms ofmedia from other people.

Myparticipation in media culture intersects with traditional media inthat I get to obtain some information from traditional media sources.Culture is procedural much as it is dynamic. People need toappreciate current media culture and as well, acknowledge the culturethat was there some years back. Such a process will enableindividuals to establish the difference between what used to takeplace in the past and what is happening today. For one to ensure thatparticipation in digital media culture is sufficient there is theneed to borrow a lot from traditional media (Couldry, 2012). Forinstance, there is still the importance of referring to views writtenin magazines and various journals with the view to find out the stepthat digital media has taken since its inception. I am also able toidentify the different advancements that continue to be made indigital media and the general influence that it has on the lives ofpeople. One aspect that may be established as far as the newness ofthese processes is the fact that digital media has gone a big step totouch the lives of many people, despite not being around for long.There is also a chance that digital media shall continue to existsince many people are adopting its use and technicians do their bestto make more innovations that will make the use of digital media moreuseful.

Theuse of digital media has its share of challenges, compared totraditional media sources. For instance, the case of authenticity andcredibility always comes into question, especially given the factthat various videos may be shared around, and there could be aproblem in determining whether the said activity in the video tookplace or not (Couldry, 2012). Such is a problem that is commonlyassociated with the use of digital media. It is with the expectationthat more input shall be put into digital technology to help addressthe problem.

Anotherissue that is of equal importance is that of showing utmost respectto works of other people. Digital media touches on the aspect ofintellectual property rights whereby people can make variousproductions and provide them to different digital platforms. Whilesome of these platforms are available to the general public for freeviewership and sharing, some of them do require special permissionand purchase. Most of these versions also do not permit sharing. Itis, therefore, of great importance that people respect the rights ofowners of such digital productions as they have put a lot of theireffort and artistry to come up with such works.


Digitalmedia has had a real impact on my life much as I hold the belief thatit has also been of benefit to other people. In spite of advancementsmade in digital media, there is still room for improvement regardingproduction and consumption. Many people also need to gain insightregarding ways to which they may put digital media to good use sothat they may benefit from the content that it has. Digital media isquite easy to handle as well as pass around, which increase thelikelihood of people adopting its use. It is, however, important tonote that high levels of morals need to be observed with use ofdigital media. The case has brought in the problem of invading theprivacy of other people, a situation that is both unethical andunwanted. As such, use of digital media requires lots of reason andresponsibility on the part of all those who are involved so that theymay not infringe on the rights of other people.


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