Metaphors and Dialogue in Narrations

Metaphorsand Dialogue in Narrations

Metaphorsand Dialogue in Narrations

Theeffectiveness of literature is found in several aspects among themmetaphors and dialogue. The development of content is also importantwhich should make it easy to understand the author’s message fromthe start. Welty’s AWorn Pathis a clear reflection of the impact that metaphors have on anarration as well as the use of dialogues and ardent transition inparagraphs.

Metaphorsare described as the use of comparison between things that are of aclose resemblance though contradicting. Throughout the entirenarration of AWorn Path,a story of an old woman who travels through bushes for a longdistance to get her grandson throat medicine, metaphors are used tocreate the image of what is being expressed by the author (Welty,1974). For instance, the tapping on the ground with her cane isassociated with the chirping noise from a solitary little bird. Weltyassociates the wrinkle on Phoenix’s skin with a whole little tree.This, for instance, indicates both the number and arrangement ofwrinkles on the old woman’s face. Another example is that offalling cones of the pine tree as light as a feather. With such acomparison, we as readers can reflect on what the author iscommunicating.

Dialoguein the narration is also effective in expressing the real message bythe author. AWorn Pathconsistently makes use of dialogue which reflects a profound flow ofevents. From talking to herself to conversing with the hunter and thehealthcare providers, we can grasp the exact issues as communicatedby the author. For instance, when Phoenix claims she is not educated,it is revealed through her language such as “This is what comes tome to do” (Welty, 1974). Another aspect effective in AWorn Pathis the transmission between the scenes. The author alternates thecommencement and ending of each sentence and paragraph by either aquote or event. This then creates an effective transition betweenparagraphs while effectively bringing out the connection in variousscenes. For instance, the scene involving the hunter and Phoenixbegins by the arrival of the hunter after which he greets Phoenix andpicks up a conversation.

Inconclusion, literature is characterized by several aspects which areessential in communicating the intended message by the author. Someof these aspects include metaphors also described as the use ofimagery, a concept where comparison between elements despite thembeing contradicting is made. Dialogue, on the other hand, is used toprovide the reader with first-hand information regarding the eventsin the narration. A smooth transition is also imperative to ensureflow and clear communication to the reader. These three aspects areas manifested in the narration AWorn Path byEudora Welty.


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