Midnight in Paris

Midnightin Paris

Midnightin Paris



Stars:OwenWilson,&nbspRachel McAdams,&nbspKathy Bates


Movielovers and critics from various parts of the world have dubbed themovie Midnightin Parisas one of the greatest films ever made in the romantic comedy genre.The film was the first ever motion picture for the widely celebratedand acclaimed director and producer, Orson Welles. The masterpieceand the greatness of the film Midnightin Parishave its depiction through the innovative and highly creativenarrative and cinematography structure that had the frequentaccompaniment of background music. The protagonist of the film isable to give a convincing and exemplary performance as seen anddemonstrated through the eyes of his kith and kin that surround him.The twists and the unfolding of the dramatic structure of the movieare also one of the main factors that won the film the vast criticalacclaim that it has enjoyed over the years. For instance, theprotagonist of the film only comes close to the audience in oneinstance while during the rest of the film we experience thecharacters through the eyes and thoughts of other characters.

Howdoes camerawork reinforce the situation of the protagonist?

Moreover,the film Midnightin Parisfurther received immense and wide critical acclaim for the use thecinematographic aspect of the deep focus. Concisely, deep focusentails having all the aspects of the movie in the frame as opposedto only having foreground focus on people and things. The desiredeffect achieved in broad focus demands the cinematographer to combineeffective camera lens, lighting, and composition. Carringer (2009)explained that broad focus in the movie Midnightin Parisadequately highlighted the physical environment of the film and theoverlapping actions of the various characters in the movie as well.However, this paper is going to shifts attention to the music in thefilm and the relevance of the music in the movie. Moreover, the paperwill also try to demystify whether the music in the film Midnightin Parisis subservient to narration or if its stands alone or whether it is aconglomerate of the two.

Howimportant is the atmospheric musical important in the film?

BernardHerrmann, who was the music director of the film, played a monumentalrole towards the contribution of the superb cinematography in themovie Midnightin Paris (Leffler,2011).Rasmussen (2009) illustrated that the conglomerate of the differentcinematographic aspects in the movie Citizen Gil, that includesmusicality, makes the film a masterful score. The film has severalelements and touches of music to it, which includes waltzes, ragtime,and extensive orchestral passages. Moreover, the musical dimensionsof the movie all incorporate an aria of imaginary opera brilliantlycomposed by Herrmann, the musical director of the film. The musicalaspect of the movies had its incorporation in the places where theaudience felt that music had to be despite there being several cuesto the film (Mulvey, 2012). Half the success, that the movie Midnightin Parisenjoyed, has its attributes from the successful musical directing byBernard Herrmann.

Inthe film, Herrmann who was the musical director and composer of thefilm used musical cues that only lasted between five to fifteenseconds. Consequently, the use of music actually bridged the actionsof the movie or demonstrated a contrary emotional response of thecharacters. One of the main factors that stood out in the musicalcomposition of the movie Midnightin Parisby Herrmann was his extensive use of musical instruments that werenot common during that era (Naremore, 2010). For instance, in theopening scene of the movie, Herrmann displays a recurring andrepetitive leitmotif brought about by low woodwinds that incorporatealto flutes. Naremore (2010) illustrated that music enthusiasts fromthe world yonder had described the work done by Herrmann as nothingshort of the exemplary and exhilarating masterpiece. The music in themovie has its use on the buildup of the character of Gil, theprotagonist that gets darker which each variation and consequentlyleads to the break of his first marriage.

Givean example of leitmotif or motif in the film

Moreover,the music in the film also had its application on the characterbuildup of other characters and not only Alexander Gil. For instance,Susan, who was Alexander Gil`s operatic sequence, had Herrmanncompose a witty and funny parody of Ricardo, a song by Original ParisSwing (Franklin, 2012). Franklin (2012) further illustrated that theparody had its writing in the form of the 19th-century orientalFrench opera. Consequently, Herrmann forced the singer to reach herhigh notes using the aria in the key, which eventually resulted to agreat D. The film also had some incidental music that came from othersources. The music used in the movie Midnightin Parisis docile to the narration of the different characters in the movieand goes a long way in helping the audience to understand the movie.However, in other instances as well, the music in the film standsalone as an important aspect of the movie.


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