MindMap Based on Organization`s SWOT Analysis

MindMapBased on Organization’s SWOT Analysis

MindMap Based on Organization’s SWOT Analysis

Iwork for a non-profit organization which was started 1994 to helpsolve the problem of homelessness, create an environment that wouldfacilitate the recovery of the drug abusers and rescue the high-riskpopulation.

TheSWOT analysis identifies a number of strength areas of theorganization it has improved the lives people who become homelessdue to a crisis such as floods and civil wars. The organization hasalso controlled drug abuse and expedited the recovery process for thedrug abusers. Besides, it has also contained chronic disease such asHIV/AIDS and Mental Health by improving the access of patients tomedication. That notwithstanding, it has created awareness on themanagement of drug and substance abuse and homeless less byproactively involving the local community. The organization’sworkforce are professionally trained to handle the clients and arededicated to achieving its mission.

Theweakness of the company is that it lacks proper coordination of itsdonors since it receives funding from multiple sources. Moreover, theavailable resources are inadequate coupled with poor infrastructurethus making it difficult to handle a large number of clients.Nevertheless, it has several opportunities that can spur its growth,for instance, most people in the community around are philanthropistsand are ready to support its course. Also, the cooperate communityare involved in finding a solution to the problems that it faces.

Theorganization faces the threat of the rising cost of housing andhealthcare services this hinders its operations consequentlylowering the quality of the services that they provide to theirclients. In addition, the number of people admitted to theorganization rises rapidly hence outstretching the availableresources.

The organization has improved the lives of people


Ready Support from the local and cooperate community

The rising cost of health services and housing

Poor coordination of the donors and management of funds


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