MINIforum week 2: Leadership Approaches in the Church

Achurch that has gone through a toxic split-in this context, the approach that that would be most appropriatewould be that of servant leadership. The leaders in the ministryshould take it upon themselves to lead by example (Rolle,2012).They would easily approach members who had disputes on anindividualistic basis and implore them to forgive and reconcile asdirected in the word of God.

Anestablished growing church-in this case, the approach would be one of promotion of bondingbetween members of the congregation, under the greatman styleof leadership (Rolle,2012).The main leaders of the congregation ought to command a sense ofrespect and admiration as cornerstones of the larger religiousorganization.

Ahostile church with significant in-fighting-such a context requires an approach of situational leadership,engaging behavior that reminds the people the foundations upon whichthe church was built- salvation for humanity, and the love of God forall of us.

Achurch plant-this case requires a ministry approach of transactional leadershiptogether with leader-member exchange for purposes of goal setting andimploring members that winning souls for Christ is but a mission forbelievers.

Asmall family church-the contingency style of leadership, suits this case. In thisscenario, the ministry approach to be applied should be one thatfocuses on serving one another and maintaining close and personalrelationships among members under conventional beliefs of families asbasic units of societies with a man (father or husband) as the head(Rolle,2012).

Apaid church staff-the suitable ministry approach, in this case, ought to focus on theimportance of service to others. Nevertheless, the traits of theleaders should be matters of great concern at all times (Rolle,2012).Servant leadership is recommended.

Adeacon board-the ministry approach would be of skills theory of leadership. Thispromotes teamwork and management by objectives wherein the opinionsof all members of diverse capabilities are valued and respected. Evenso, the skills of each member should be observed as building blocksfor the maintenance of a strong church (Rolle,2012).Additionally, the transformational leadership would be preferred.

Avolunteer team in a church-the approach for the team is one of transformation, it should focuson inspiring evangelical aspects of church and team building.


Rolle,K. E. (2012). Mentoring: Jesus` Model for Developing Church Leaders.ChurchLeadership.doi:10.2986/tren.046-0055