Mission and Vision Statement 2 Chase Bank

Missionand Vision Statement 2


ChaseBank is an American bank that constitutes the commercial and consumerbanking subsidiary of the global banking company, JP Morgan. Thefinancial institution is domiciled in Columbus, Ohio since its mergerwith Bank One Company in 2004 (Grubel,2014).Chase Bank serves almost half of the Americans households with a widevariety of financial services that includes mortgages, personalbanking, credit cards, payments processing and small business loans.A company stakeholder is usually a part owner of the business towhich the shares relates.

Themajor stakeholders of the bank include Vanguard Group who controls5.7% of the stock, State Street Corporation 4.21%, Capital Researchand Management Corporation 2.82%, Blackrock Institutional TrustCompany 2.82% and Fidelity Corporation that controls 3.39%.Stakeholders often provide financial support to the bank by buyingshares in it that enhances their interests.

Themajor claims of these stakeholders are providing financial supportand ensure that the company continues operating for the foreseeablefuture. Stakeholders also play both direct and indirect in theoperations of the bank (Herr,2014).They are mandated to select directors who appoint and supervisesenior officers to makes sure that the company maximizes their wealthand improve the company share price since diverse investors stay awayfrom firms that cannot meet their earning expectation.

ChaseBank mission statement is to create, engage, lifelong relationshipswith its customers. The company mission statement heightens therelationship that they seek to maintain, improve and put thecustomers at the heart of everything they do (King,Case, &amp Premo, 2011).Besides the mission statement, Chase Bank vision statement entails“At Chase Bank, we want to be the best financial service company inthe world. Because of our great heritage and excellence platform, webelieve this is within our reach.”


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