Module 5 Discussion Student`s

Module5 Discussion

Module5 Discussion

Qn.1 Strengths and shortcomings of a decentralized approach

Thedecentralized training approach is right because it is conducted byfranchise owners who are highly qualified and certified. The trainingprogram is rigorous and emphasizes on the nitty-gritty aspectscalling for total commitments. The program also cuts on the cost oftraining and lowers the annual turnover percentage of employees. Thehourly employees get video cassettes which they can use to learnthrough videos and apply them in their jobs.

However,the approach is somehow inconsistent in that in a group some peoplewill be well-trained while others will receive little training or notraining (Harper, 2015). The plan may end up being very expensive inthe case where a large number of employees is trained. That is to saythat the approach is only viable when training managers to betrainers for other members in the company. The hourly employees maynot regularly be monitored, and some may skip the training sessions.

Qn.2 Plan for determining the training needs of the hourly paid staff ofa Domino pizza franchise.

Uponrecruiting the hourly staff, the employees must get evaluated on someskills. They must get a feedback form or a short question papertesting on restaurant operations. It will help judge the extent oftheir knowledge on store operations because it is not mandatory thateach employee undergoes the entire training procedure. Some may havehad prior knowledge working with other stores which save cost andtime.

Afterthe evaluation, groups can be made for the workers according to theskills they possess. Those with similar skills can be groupedtogether. After two weeks the staff should work in the store with themanagers monitoring them as well as identifying added skills. It willhelp make a list of areas each group needs to be trained one. Thenthe focus will be on these sectors assisting save time and to polishthe staff equally.

Qn.3. Why the turnover rate among management trainees in Dunkin Donutscentralized program was high.

Inthe centralized program, the store managers were being trained fromthe headquarters. There is a likelihood that they did not get jobexperience leading to incomplete satisfaction even after attendingthe program (Harper, 2015). The chances are that they were leavingdue to dissatisfaction. In decentralized, they may feel that theprogram is not formal and get satisfaction due to satisfactory jobexperience. The extra incentives paid are enough motivation to holdon.


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