Multi-modal Rhetorical Construction

Multi-modalRhetorical Construction

Multi-modalRhetorical Construction

Thereare various modes involved in multimodal writings in the form oftexts, visuals, videos, and audios. This kind of writing hugely aimsto evaluate our visual analytics, understanding, and the hearing onthe small aspects of the literary work. This discussion seeks toanalyze the two items shown in the Meme imagery. The analysis willinclude the description of the meme choice, rhetorical strategiesemployed in the text, and what emotions it is likely to evoke fromthe reader.

Fromthe two items, one person is on some small coral inside the seawaving as he sees the boat approaching. On the other hand, the otherindividual is in the vessel which is elated at the site of a land inthe middle of the sea. The imagery as used in my text evokes somevision and emotions from the reader of the items. Specifically, theimage in this context reveals clear meaning of the situation betterwhen compared to written or spoken words.

Fromthe first meme, where the boat rider is appearing from the horizonand carrying up his hand, a reader is likely to get the feeling thatthe person standing in the small coral reef is finally getting somehelp. As evidenced in the picture, he is so enthusiastic about theapproaching boat which could be harboring all his hope of getting outof the predicament he/she is undergoing at the moment. Consequently,when the boat rider approaches the reefs, he is so enthusiastic aboutseeing the land in the middles of the sea probably he had beencruising around looking for a place to have some rest from the secondmeme.

Inmy judgment in devising rhetoric, images capture more attention thanlistening and reading texts. Notably, pictures have whole componentsof the visual and emotional appeal all amalgamated to one aspect.Therefore, to attract attention of individuals, images are idealdevices to put into consideration.

Themeaning of the topic just like in real life, sometimes people thinkthat whatever they are having is either unsatisfactory or not so goodenough, for instance, the guy in the middle of the sea really hatesbeing in the state that he was in and a such he longed for any avenuethat could remove him from that point, contrastingly the boat ridingman, hates to be in the middle of nowhere in the sea and that anyform of land where he could have rest would go a long way in helpinghim. In a nutshell, when you feel that you are in a sad state tosomeone your condition could be the best thing that can ever happen,so we end up chasing things that may not mean much to our liveswhilst losing the good things that we have, we fail to have the senseof value in our deeds.

Inwriting, one of my main weaknesses is trying to get into the finerdetails even in situations that do not warrant such qualities. As aresult, I lose touch with the reality of the whole concept whentrying to look for particular details. About the literacy, this imagecaptures more emotional appeal to the viewer, and they tend to have aseparate opinion about the picture. As such, in one way or the other,they develop their imaginations.