Multiple Customer Segments

MultipleCustomer Segments

MultipleCustomer Segments

Theissue of customer segments is quite important as it enables theorganization to address the individual needs of the different groupsthat it serves. In such a case, the entity will rely on obtainingmore information regarding customers and do its best to identify waysthrough which it may customize its services and products to satisfythem fully. It is possible for an institution to have multiplecustomers’ segments (Blut, Frennea, Mittal, &amp Mothersbaugh,2015). The organization, therefore, needs to come up with ways thoughwhich it may propose value propositions and costs to the specificcustomer segments that it serves.

Oneof the ways, that it may apply, could be through outlining thebenefits each customer segment shall gain from engaging with theorganization. For the case of a non-profit, for instance, one maychoose to show donors the deliverables that will be met by selectingto provide funding towards an individual course (Blut et al., 2015).The best measure to achieve the exercise would be showing themanagement of the donor agency the achievement, that the organizationmade in the previous year or season with the aim of confirming thatit can do more if funds are added to the program. The entity may alsomeet the needs of another customer segment such as customers throughshowing them the benefits that they stand to get through taking partin activities run by the organization. One of the best ways toachieve such would be through the use of success stories of otherpersons who have already benefitted from programs run by theorganization. In such a way, other people will gain the motivation tohave an active participation with the institution.


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