My Favorite Academic Subject

MyFavorite Academic Subject

MyFavorite Academic Subject

Descriptionof the Subject

Duringmy childhood, the world seemed to be a place of happiness,experiments, and joy. There was nothing to worry. Whenever I didsomething wrong, there was always somebody to correct me and adviseme without yelling at me. I remember this day when I smashed our TVjust because my friend had turned off one of my favorite cartoonchannels. This time I had this feeling that my paper would not takemy actions kindly. I immediately assembled the scattered parts tomake the TV functional. Although I did not succeed in correcting themess, I felt I was almost close. From that day onwards, I developed akeen interest in electronics and electrical gadgets. The love forelectronics was even elevated when I joined high school after Irealized that physics could help me with the required skills tomaterialize my passion.

Physicsis my favorite academic subject, and I enjoy every bit of it.Learning about the electrical circuit boards, diodes, capacitors, andvoltages, among others give me a real awareness of what I missed whenI smashed our TV. To me, physics is an intellectual adventure thatinspires my day-to-day activities. I also consider physics as arational experience that expands the frontiers of my knowledge aboutnature.


Overthe last decade, scientific knowledge has drastically grown .Thisgrowth has made the society to be more and more dependent scientificknowledge in heating, cleaning, clothing and security, among others(De Wolf, 2016). Physics has influenced my life in various ways.Through physics, my academic performance has improved. In spite ofthe fact that Physics is my favorite subject, it is also my bestperforming subject. Accordingly, this always has a significantinfluence on my overall grade. Physics has also improved my futureambitions, and my perception of my future career. Ultimately, my lovefor physics has significantly improved my life.


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