My personal knowledge and experience

Mypersonal knowledge and experience

Myname is Johana Monge, and I am from El Salvador. I come from aclose-Knit family where from an early age, every family member istaught about the importance of unity and hard work. I have twobrothers one is seven, and the other is twenty-six years of age.Since all my siblings are boys, it is evident that this has affectedhow I relate and interact with other people. My hobbies includelistening to romantic music because they help in relaxing the mindand make one feel good.

Ialso like to engage in physical activities such as gym exercisesbecause it helps keep the body in shape. I believe that with the kindof food that we ate in restaurants and other joints, frequentexercising can assist in preventing food-related disorders such asobesity and diabetes. I am a very social person, and when am notbusy, I like to hang out with friends. Most of my friends are girls,and our relationship is like that of siblings. My two best friendsare Jake and Melisa. We share a lot of things in common. For example,during our free time, we like to ride our bicycle around theneighborhood. Once in a while, they also come for sleepovers wheremy challenge each other in various indoor activities.

Themost fun part of our friendship is perhaps during the Halloween.During this time, we dress in all manner of costumes. We like wearingscary makeup and visiting Hispanic clubs. From an individualperspective, Halloween is more than just wearing costumes, it is atime for friends, families and loved one to come together and havefun. During Halloween, people who have been a part for a long timebecause of work and school get to understand more about one anotherand the family bond is strengthened. Apart from Halloween, there arealso other things that unite us as friends. For example, we enjoyvisiting the park every week where we get to enjoy and appreciatenature.

Ihave also had an active love life. I was once in love with aparticular guy known as Victor. The relationship started when I wasin the 9thgrade, and we managed to date for four years until I reached the 12thgrade. We, however, broke up because he failed one of his classes andhad to repeat that year. From experience, falling in love is a verygood thing especially if one is sure that the other person loves themback. Even though we broke up with Victor, I still feel something forhim.

Apartfrom my love experience, I have also seen some of my friends get intonew relationships. Some have ended well, but others have alsoresulted in heart breaks. From an individual`s perspective, I wouldnot say that love is a bad thing because when people are in love,they want to spend time with each other and are always there for oneanother. This can be very helpful especially if one is having hardtimes in school and family life. People who are in love always have ashoulder to lean on regardless of the situation.

Ihave also had an excellent school life experience. From childhood, myparents also instilled in us the curiosity to learn new things. Mymother, for instance, used to say that one way of securing a brightfuture is by working very hard in our studies and being veryobedient. Although it has not always been easy some following some ofher advice, I have tried my level best in class. One of my favoritesubject during my senior year was Biology. I was always fascinated byhow the human body function. Learning about the brain was the mostinteresting part. It is amazing how such a small organ controlsalmost everything in the human body. The most challenging subject wasMath. There is a lot of thinking and practice required in Math. Theteacher always said that to succeed and become a good mathematician,one ought to practice regularly and seek help from his or her peersand tutors.

Ihave also had an excellent working experience. During high school, Iused to work as a waiter in a local Indian restaurant. I worked herefor two years and learned a lot about the Indian culture. Theexperience was great because I managed to become friends with someIndians. Additionally, I came to understand that Indians are veryhard working people. I have also worked at Popeye.

Currently,I am working at Mc Donald. One of my duties includes giving food tocustomers and handling some of their personal concerns. Thisopportunity has had a significant impact in my life. I have been ableto develop my communication and interpersonal skills. I cancommunicate efficiently with my customers regardless of their raceand religious ideologies (Erozkan, 2013). Additionally, I have becomemore interested in restaurant jobs because I get to make other peoplehappy. I hope that one day I will have my restaurant.


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