Ita fascinating piece of script. “The importance of a piece of paper”by Jimmy Santiago Baca. The book is copyright of 2004 it waspublished simultaneously in Canada and printed in the United Statesof America by groove press. The writer was born in Santa Fe, NewMexico. He is an author of an autobiography, biographies, and poetry.He has won many writing and poetry awards.

Thecontentment of every parent is for their children to have a happylife after their death. In the fictional story written by JimmySantiago Baca, that’s not the case. It’s a story of threesiblings who lost their both parents in their early life. The twobrothers Adam and Pancho and their sister Marisol lived on a ranchfarm that they had inherited from their parents (Baca, 47). Adam wasa lawyer while Pancho took care of the farm with help from his sisterwho had quit her master’s degree program. The family had lived onehappy until when their parents will be read, and Adam decided to sellhis part of inheritance. This brought up antagonism between them.They were evacuated from the ranch and forced to live in a slum. Theydid not make it unite again. There was an eternal rivalry betweenthem (Baca, 47).

Thebook talks about the problems encountered by siblings after they gettheir inheritance from their parents. It’s an accurate view of whatmostly happens in the society. The story portrays educative elementsand can be used as a reference for families to avoid such problems(Baca, 47). It was fascinating to learn how Pancho dedicated all hislife to taking care of the farm even after the death of their parentsat the same time it’s sad how that one member of the family doesnot come to an understanding with the others and always cause troubleto a cohesive family. It’s an informative story and would like myfriends who love to know the current moral status in our society canget it from Jimmy Baca’s story “The Importance of a Piece ofPaper”. The book contains additional stories, Jimmy Baca being anartistic and captivating writer the other work in his genre would bea thing of curiosity also (Baca, 47).


Baca,Jimmy S.&nbspTheImportance of a Piece of Paper.Grove P,&nbsp2004.