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NarrativeEssay on a Visit to the Library

Thelibrary is recognized as a place where people retrieve informationfrom various sources. The most notable sources of information areusually books. These are arranged in a certain order for easyretrieval. Today, some libraries have embraced the use of technologydevices. Most technological devices used include computers. Librariesdate back to the beginning of the 3rdcentury. Most of these early libraries were located in temples.People have varied feelings about libraries with some loving theplace, and others disliking it for its characteristic quietness andseriousness. Thevisit to the library was exciting and memorable.

Onething that excited me was the volumes of books contained in the wholebuilding. The books were very many for one even to count for twodays. Endless rows of shelves ran through the building. The books inthe shelves were neatly arranged. The arrangement was made based onthe field of study, title, and date. Some were ancient while othersappeared to be new. They were of varied sizes and colors. To my eye,the design displayed by the arrangement seemed like an art piece.

Anotherexciting thing was the character of the people in the readingsections of the library. The people were very silent. I could onlyhear the sounds of papers and slight coughs. The situation remindedme of another visit that I made earlier to a forest. The forest, justlike the library, was very silent and one would only hear the soundsof falling twigs and that of swaying branches. It was eerie save thatthere were proper lighting and people. When the people in the libraryneeded to communicate, they did so by low whispers. To me, I feltthat they were very disciplined by doing that.

Thesmell of the library was memorable. The smell of papers and old booksfilled the atmosphere of the library. In fact, in some sections, onewould think that the books contained there were from the firstcentury. I, however, loved the smell. According to Andrew (2016), thescent is usually generated by a combination of various volatileorganic compounds. The compounds are found in the papers and othermaterials used in making the book. The library was well ventilated toneutralize the smell to a comfortable concentration. The ventilationalso allowed fresh air into the library.

Toconclude, I was excited about visiting the library. Everycharacteristic of the library was exciting, and some even memorable.The place was rich in books that produced a unique smell.Theactivities of the people were also exciting. Most of them wereeither reading or writing quietly. They were concentrating on whatthey were doing. Others were gazing in a manner that suggested thatthey were in deep thought or internalizing something. Books ofdifferent sizes and colors were scattered in a disarranged manner onthe tables. Some were opened suggesting that they are being usedwhile others were closed. The people kept flipping page after page asthey read. The sounds of the flipping papers produced some musicalsound that was pleasing to hear.


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