Needs Statement





Theneed to provide the youthful generation with relevant information onhow to face life’s challenges and achieve their goals is acute.Importantly to understand, majority of the youths aged between 15 and25 years are lucking proper guidance to overcome the societalproblems with great influence on future outcomes of the goals theyset out to pursue. Lack of self-belief among the youth especiallygirls is one of the key factors that inhibit them to realize theirgoals. Participation in Premature sex, brainwashing by politics anddrug abuses are other societal challenges the youth encounter intheir daily endeavors because of limited information accessible tothem.

Aglobal nonprofit organization has seen that the main source ofinformation to the youth so far has been from the internet and theinformation obtained is not accurate. The organization has seen theneed for providing proper guidance and credible information to theyouth with the importance it deserves before it is too late. To meetthis needs the organization proposes a grant program to hold youthempowerment conferences that will empower, influence and celebratethe youth. This conferences will guide the youth to develop attitudesand skills, which will help them achieve their set goals in life. thegrant request is directed to the government and other organizationsthat have the matters of the youths at heart to contribute positivelytowards the noble cause.

Thetarget group of the program is youths on the global level who lackrelevant guidance as they grow into adulthood exhibiting a slack inconfidence to confront and solve their social problems head on, thereare about 1.1 billion youths in the world and they constitute 18% ofthe total global population. By working with reputable guest speakerswho are invited to the youth conferences from all over the societalclass, the program takes into account all the stakeholders concernedin shaping the youth. Moreover the program seeks to inspire the youthto hold their own conferences and share what they have learnt andbenefitted from the program. Without the program the majority of theyouth will lack proper tools to go through challenges in life andalso lack opportunities to achieve their goals and this willconsequently make the future uncertain.

Thegoal of Do something is to revive the spirit of activism andvolunteerism by inspiring young people to create social change. Theobjective of this grant proposal is to bring in inspirationalspeakers who will influence the young people positively and availfunds to youths who need them the most through holding youthempowerment programs all over the world. To fully kick start theprogram Do something has requested a total of $16000 of which $3000of the grant funded money will be used for hiring of venues, $2000allocated for staff members, $1000 transportation costs and 62.5% ofthe total money will be used for publications, Media andAdvertisements. The importance of this program is greater and thelonger it is delayed the more the situation becomes worse and thedamage may be irreparable. The fate of our future doctors, leaders,teachers, engineers and pilots is at stake since the young minds ofour generations are not given opportunities and guidance to bettertheir lives and bring change in their societies.