Nevada Constitution Review


NevadaConstitution Review

The Nevada Constitution was enacted during the Independence Daycelebrations in 1864. Notably, the document was created at aconvention in Carson City (Nevada Constitution, 2016).Although subsequent ratifications were made in September, it was notuntil late October that the Constitution became effective (NevadaConstitution, 2016). The apparent delay occurred since Nevada wasyet to attain statehood.

The State Constitution comprises of two suffix provisions and apreamble. It also consists of 19 Articles and a suffix provision(Nevada Constitution, 2016). However, the Right of Suffragethat forms the 18th Article was repealed in 1992 (NevadaConstitution, 2016). The Nevada Constitution can be amended invarious ways. For example, an initiated amendment can be adopted bythe State council. A legislatively-referred constitutional amendmentcould also be implemented after due consideration (NevadaConstitution, 2016). The state can also hold a constitutionalconvention whereby changes are proposed, discussed, and approved.Nonetheless, such amendments are fully adopted as part of theConstitution after the completion of a two-step process. Firstly, thestate’s voters have to show their initial consent (NevadaConstitution, 2016). Secondly, the amendment has to bere-submitted to voters at another general election within two yearsof the change.

Admittedly, the Nevada Constitution is flawed in several areas. Forinstance, the Legislature is usually in session for only four monthseach year (Nevada Constitution, 2016). Therefore, the State’slawmakers are unable to impeach a corrupt leader for the majority ofthe year. In fact, the Nevada Constitution provides the governor withthe exclusive right to call for a special session. In this regard,the Legislature would have no recourse if poor leadership threatenedto derail State programs. Lawmakers are also limited in their abilityto make constitutional appointments and rescind bad legal decisions.Therefore, the Nevada Constitution needs urgent and major revisionsto reflect current realities that did not exist in the 1860s.


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