Notes on “Good People”


Noteson &quotGood People&quot

GoodPeople by David Foster WallaceIntroduction

“Goodpeople” which is a book written by David Foster Wallace, is a storyabout basically two Christians who arefacedwith unplanned pregnancy issues (Hendley,2016).A critical review of the same story makes a psychological as well asa philosophical approach which has references of a division as wellas dichotomy within it to make religious imageries.

Noteson the story

Thesetting is in spring and a park. It is while sitting on the picnictable where the characters Lane and Sheri and into a hard decisionsetting them not to go through the scheduled appointment which is anabortion. The main question comes in as Lane tries to avoid theaspect of being nudged by the responsibility of raising the child.The another notion is that the dichotomy suggests the dual strugglein existence that makes good versus evil as well as division versusUnion concept of the whole story and the problem at hand.

Thespiritual conviction which would be far-fetched from the pain as wellas the guilt which she is experiencing makes her say nothing aboutthe acknowledgment. Lane freezes emotionally, and it is due to theaspect she feels that he does not love her. The eloquentlyestablished explores philosophical agonizing crux in the wholenarrative make a point of the &quottwo armies&quot come in adepiction of what Lane is experiencing. The author struggles withthis issue which torments her for loving her or not as Sheri is theproblem of the shame she aborts as well as the guilt of keeping thechild. Through prayer and the belief majorly the personalrelationship with Jesus Christ, makes the change as it conquers all.She later understands then that the love and guidance of God theunion which is between the two will begin.


Insummary, there is a close relationship between young Christians tolearn from the story as it gives a clear indication of the guidancean individual gets with Jesus Christ (Hendley,2016).It is a relevant notion to be able to make proper provision of thedecision we make as they make an influence to the outside world.


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