Nurse of the future nursing core competencies

Nurseof the future nursing core competencies

Theeducation sector came up with Nurse of the Future Nursing CoreCompetencies to develop nurses with the capabilities to counter theincreasing demand by patients for proper and equitable treatment. Themain idea behind its formation was to produce high skilled andpassionate nurses to offer patient centered care(Masters,2015).Themain competencies in the program are Patient Centered Care,Professionalism, Leadership, System Based Practice, Informatics andTechnology, Communication, Team work and Collaboration, Safety,Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Practice. Of all these, thetwo most important ones are Patient Centered Care and Team workCollaboration(Davis 2014).

PatientCentered Care is the epitome of all competencies in that it enablesnurses to interact attentively with patients. They are able tocomfortably communicate with patients with utmost respect, listen totheir individual problems and ailments, and provide the besttreatment needed. Nurses are also able to give advice to patients onhow to live a healthy and disease free lifestyle hence protecting thecurrent population from acute disease and also enabling the patientto have a good rapport with Medical Fraternity.

TeamWork and Collaboration competency involves nurses coordinating withother medical experts such as doctors, researchers and the patientsto tackle a problem. This enables them to have the adequate knowledgerequired to cope up with the emerging disease and sicknesstrends(Amer 2013). A collaborative relationship enables an allianceof nurses from all fields to other disciplines such as medicinemanufacturing and selling industries so that they can come up vitalmedicines at affordable prices. All these, in turn, boost thehealthcare standards and health status of a population.


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