Weighingthe evidence

Thearticle mainly focuses on some of the elements of a good researchpaper. The authors claim that the scientific value of a medical studyis important while conducting a study. The article thus goes in depthand discusses the various aspects of study design. The articleaffirms that that the credibility of a research paper is determinedby the quality of resources used, selection of study participants,research methodology employed among other factors.

Informulating their conclusion, the researchers rely on externalsources such as research journals that have been published incredible databases. The impact of this is that it adds credibility totheir findings and thus making the whole article reliable (Denscombe,2014). The authors rely on measuring instruments used in medicalsciences such as thermometers to determine laboratory parameters.Additionally, there is the use of self-designed or standardizedquestionnaires which are used to evaluate depression, satisfactionand quality of life.

Itis evident from the article that one variable that can affects theoutcome of any research is the study population. For an experiment tobe termed as reliable, it must have an adequate number of studyparticipants that represent the whole population (Fink, 2013).Additionally, there should not be any biases in choosing those whoare supposed to take part in the study. Essential elements that aretaken into consideration when selecting the study population includesocial and demographic inclusions and exclusions criteria and periodof follow-up observation. From an individual`s perspective, theresearchers have considered all these elements in deriving theirconclusion.

Insupporting their conclusion, the authors rely on already existingresearch and expert opinion on the topic. The article has borrowed alot of information from published journals. Consequently, the authorshave included expert opinion and case studies. Several laboratoryexperiments have been mentioned to support the conclusion. The majorweakness to their findings is that the research has heavily relied onqualitative research design. From an individual’s perspective,successful research should incorporate both qualitative andquantitative research design. Additionally, the statistical analysisprocedures should be clearly outlined so that the reader can see howthe authors derived at their conclusion (Shah, 2016). From anindividual’s perspective, repeating the same study can be very hardbecause the methodology section has not been clearly outlined.

Basedon the data, the article mainly states that errors in medicalresearch are caused by bad selection of study design (Röhrig, DuPrel &amp Blettner, 2009). However, an alternate conclusion thatcould have been made is that other factors can also affect theoutcome of any experiment or study. Examples of such factors includefaulty instrument, lack of resources and lack of cooperation.Although the article findings have been presented very well, furtherresearch needs to be done to determine the impact of other variableson results of research. It is evident that the study design employedplay a crucial role, however, other factors cannot be ignored.

Additionally,the article also gives valuable information regarding calculation ofsample size. The researchers’ states that some of the essentialelements that should be be put into consideration in a study includethe kind of test, clinical relevance, variance and the level ofsignificance. Further research should focus on the ethicality of thetype of trials used in research, for example, biotechnology use testpersons or animals and they are often subjected to a lot of stress.


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