Observing People



Observing people provides a more investigative approach towardsidentifying inner characteristics. Through observation, there is apossibility of identifying more traits in them than those displayedin action. People observation takes into account certain practices.For instance, body movements, political views, way of thinking andfacial expressions are some of the ways through which morecharacteristics can be identified in a person.

Characteristics such as emotional instability, high appreciationaptitude, levels of attentiveness and concern levels can beidentified easily through observation. While at home, I took time toobserve how different people react to various movie scenes andepisodes. I had never known that my brother would grow so emotionalover anything. In my own understanding, he was one of those boys whoare never shaken or concerned about any feelings or moods aroundthem. However, from the movie scenes, I realized that he could attimes crunch his finders and move by the seat corners in reaction tosome of the events in the movie. I then realized that he was such anemotional person based on the type of film that was playing and themanner in which he reacted.

In addition, the facial expressions that he wore and failure torespond to some of my questions made me understand that his fullattention was in the movie. In action, I had known him to be someonewho does not fully concentrate in something. Through this instance ofobservation, I came to know that there are more characters hepossessed that I had not known before. In action, people tend todisplay some characters that are not fully descriptive of who theyare. By observation, however, details of these and more charactersare notable.

In conclusion, observing people helps in identifying more about theircharacters than they show in action. It is through such observationsthat inner emotions can be seen through gestures, body movements andreactions among other observable traits. I was able to confirm thisthrough the case of my brother during a movie session. Observationshelps to know more about people as opposed to depending on theiractions in real life.