Overtime, the society has embraced many concepts that aim at narrowingthe differences that arise in males and females. Children have beenraised to function in a manner to represent the roles of eithergender (male or female). The progress has been steadily influenced bythe changing beliefs of the society concerning gender roles.Feminists have argued that women are equal to men. They have reasonedthat women can as well achieve similar goals to those which thesociety reserves for men. It is evident that women in this era areprofessionals, educated and informed just as men. Importantly, Ithink we should know the difference between sex and gender tounderstand how the change has been implemented perfectly. Sex refersto the physiological differences between male and female, and genderrefers to a social or cultural construction that creates distinctionsrelated to a particular sex.

Thechanges I perceive to have been witnessed are on the gender roles.The society has managed to formulate ways, which display similaropportunity to both members of the feminine and the masculine gender.In essence, the development has seen more women rising to politicalpositions and men being employed as nannies to take care of babies.The gain that has been achieved by the society in limiting thesedistinctions is tremendous and significant to the development of thesociety. We now have a vibrant society that sets the stage for all toexploit their potential.

Thechange in sex roles has also seen women occupy managerial positionsin companies. The women have explored the formerly perceived maledomain. Even in the domestic setup, men have been seen to performroles that were distinctively feminine. Children are taught to doany job in the house and to appreciate their responsibilities asgiven to them by the parents. It is also important to indicate thatwomen now manage households. The inclusion of single parenting as astandard setting of a family has seen women take on authority in thehouse, which essentially would have been the role of a man. Men havealso in the present time, in homosexual relationships, lived as stayhome fathers.

Theevolution of the socially allocated roles to a particular gender isslowly being faced off, and more general methods of apportioning ofroles adopted. Unfortunately, the gain in change has not come withoutlosses. The fact is we cannot entirely assume the truth in thedifference in sexes. The disparity connotes that biologically themale and female orientation is conspicuously dissimilar. Therefore,recognizing that certain roles could be performed better by membersof a particular gender is reasonably considerate.

Indeed,as Mead puts it “A sacrifice in distinctions in sex personality maymean a sacrifice in complexity.” For instance, it would besensitive to recognize the different sexuality that exists in thesociety, but a point to note in humility, is the fact that thosechildren raised by homosexual parents would not have much to learnabout their sex. A female child brought up by gay parents would nothave the opportunity to experience life as the woman she is. Only awoman would best understand the changes that would occur in her body.

Conclusively,I think the society in its appreciation of its diversity andmodernity should consider the complex features that accompany thechanges in the society. Even though the gains are observable, thelosses are also real.