Oral case presentation


Oralcase presentation

Aboutmy client

Myclient was my boyfriend aged 27 years. His weight is 200 pounds andis 5`5 feet tall.

.His BMI was 33.3, thus indicating that he is likely overweight. Thelikely diagnosis is thus obesity. Sometimes he often complain ofgeneral fatigue, shortness of breath and inability to cope cope withsudden physical activities like running. A recent test shows that histriglyceride and cholesterol levels were higher than normal. Therisks of atherosclerosis and rising blood pressure cannot also beignored.


Myclient expressed willingness to reduce his weight and have a healthyBMI. To him, Nutrition is all about eating healthy food and being ingood shape. He thus aspires to gain more body muscles and quit eatingfast foods. It was evident from the interview that my client did notknow what types of food that he should eat and in what quantities.


Althoughhe seemed afraid of adhering to specific diets, it was evident thathe was ready to heed the advice of a nutritionist. He claimed thatwas willing to keep off non-nutritious foods that are rich in fats ifthat would help save his life.

Currenteating behavior

Someof the current nutrition behavior that interferes with his objectiveinclude a high preference for junk food. He often eats such kinds offoods while watching movies or walking around. He doesn’t likeeating whole grain foods and loves fried foods, especially read meat.He doesn’t like taking tasks that require him to move around


Toachieve weight loss, this client must reduce their calories intakeand exercise frequently. He should eat more fruits and vegetables.When he feels the urge the consume meat, he should opt for whitemeat. Additionally, he should eat whole grains and fat- dairyproducts.


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