Organic or genetic

Organicor genetic


Organicor genetic

Prosand cons of both organic and genetic methods of food production

Organicmethod of food production has various benefits to the consumer,producer, and also to the environment. However, the farming practiceis associated with adverse effects as discussed in the essay. Some ofthe benefits of organic farming include poison free produce,nutritional value, and drought and pest resistance. Organicallyproduced food is considered to be rich in mineral content thusprovide better nourishment[ CITATION For12 l 1033 ].Additionally, the production process is free of pesticides andherbicides, preventing exposure to chemicals and also lowering inputcosts. On the other hand, organic farming has myriad setbacks such asdwindled productivity over time, requires more skills, laborintensive, and exposes soil to erosion[ CITATION For12 l 1033 ].Organic farming productivity diminishes with time because the soilminerals are overexploited to the extent that no more conversion oforganic matter into soil fertility.

Geneticproduction of food improves the genetic component of a crop byensuring resistance to insects, harsh weather condition, andhealthier plants. Modification of crops helps in supplementingnecessary nutrients, hence important in fighting malnutrition[ CITATION Con13 l 1033 ].On the contrary, genetic food production causes allergies andincreases the risk of contracting diseases such as obesity, diabetes,and cancer. The implication of genetic foods on human health remainsa gray area because of inconclusive research studies[ CITATION Con13 l 1033 ].Finally, the consumption of genetically produced foods lowersantibiotic resistance in the body, lessening the efficacy of actualantibiotics.


Inmy opinion, genetic food production method is a new technology thatis yet to be accepted and embraced by the community. There isinsufficient research on the impacts of the genetic production offood making people wary about the consumption of such foods.Therefore, I believe organic food production is better since itprovides health and environmental benefits.


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