Organizational Structure




Organizationalstructure can be defined as the process of organizing activitieswhich may entail few things like task location, coordination, andsupervision. However, all this is aimed at making sure the businessorganization in place can realize his set goals. Organizationalstructure helps business owners to get a clear understanding of boththeir business and its environment.

Afterstarting a small consulting business with twenty employees, I decidedto use the divisional type of structure in organizing and running thebusiness. A divisional structure is where the business is dividedinto separate units which are semi-autonomous. This kind oforganizational structure is known lead to a division of labor.Division of labor helps in specialization, and this means people indifferent units will be effective in attaining the goals set forthem. Division of labor will increase output because every sub-unitwill be willing to outdo the other, and this will promote profitmaximization. This type of structure will help managers in evaluatingthe progress of each group, and this will assist in knowing what isrequired for each team to boost output and profit maximization(Kortmann, 2012,).

Whenrunning a Christian company nothing will change about the structuringof the company because every business organization is aimed atmaximizing both production and profits. For both a Christian andsecular business, I would use the divisional structure this willhelp in taming lazing and un-cooperating individuals from theorganization. This is easy to manage because after giving each grouptheir target, the executive observes as they wait for results. Thiscan be another good way of creating strong teams within anorganization because every group will be willing to work together asa team for this will allow them to realize their set goals in a moreorganized and comfortable way (Kortmann, 2012).



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