Our Body Shows Us How to Fight Cancer

OurBody Shows Us How to Fight Cancer

Canceris one of the deadliest diseases with the second highest mortalityrate. Although the current cancer cures are dangerous to the patient,the researchers have not embraced new concepts and innovativethinking (Rath). According to Dr. Rath’s research, metastasisisthe cause of death among 90 percent of the patients. The mainapproach adopted in this study involves preventing the cancerouscells from spreading by creating a natural barrier (Rath). The methodalso uses natural and non-toxic compounds to strengthen theconnective tissues. The research tries to demonstrate how connectivetissues play a major role in combating cancer. Some of thesecompounds include micro-nutrients such as green tea extract, vitaminC, and proline, which can control metastasis (Rath).

Accordingto Rath, vitamin C deficiency causes the production of lipoproteinthat repairs the weak connective tissue. Thus, these proteins canhelp curb the spread of cancer. During a recent research, Dr. Rathused a mouse model to represent human metabolism because it lacksvitamin C and can produce Lipoproteins. The mouse has a uniquemetabolism similar to the one human bodies possessed many years agowhen they were incapable of producing vitamin C (Rath). Therefore, itproves that lipoproteins only act as a temporary molecule repair andprevents atherosclerosis. Dr. Rath also conducted another study tobroaden the understanding of cancer growth and development rate. Theresearch is aimed at establishing whether lipoproteins can play thesame role in cancer as they do in atherosclerosis (Rath). However,the study results are yet to be released.

Lastly,the article is very compelling because Dr. Rath uses scientificstudies to provide evidence proving how the human body can fight thecancerous cells. I agree that researchers should embrace innovativethinking to find an effective cure for cancer because the currentmethods have not proven very successful. Although the approach isunconventional, Dr. Rath proposes the use of relevant methods, whichentails the combination of specific micronutrients such as green teaextract, proline, and vitamin C.


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